Are you trying to promote a cruise line? Got a spa service that needs advertising? Do you have some real estate property up for sale? Let the consumer know what your business has to offer with class by creating a brochure or flyer with our diverse plethora of professional ready-made elegant brochure templates! Each beautiful design in our collection of templates is available to alter in Microsoft Word to make it convenient for you; every file being easily editable to make it quick to prep for printing so you can save time and effort, coming in either bifold or trifold form factors. Download now and spread the word with style!

How to Make an Elegant Brochure in Microsoft Word

With the use of Microsoft Word and our varied line of classy brochure templates, making your own stylish and elegant brochure or flyer is a snap! Not sure how? No problem, just follow our guide below and we can help you out.

1. Open Up Microsoft Word and Have a Peek

Did you get your hands on MS Word yet? If so, then fire it up and get familiar with it. Chances are that you already have at least general knowledge of how MS Word works, given how widespread it’s been for many years in school and business; so, getting comfortable with the tools and features in its current version should be easy enough.

2. Decide on a Type

Choose what type of brochure best fits your needs. Popular brochure folds are bifold/half-fold, trifold, Z-fold, gate fold, French fold, accordion fold, and double parallel fold. If you do not have much content to put in, a one-page brochure would do, but if there is a lot of information or content you need to include, then perhaps a trifold brochure would best serve your purpose.

3. Peruse Our Templates and Take Your Pick

After you familiarize yourself with Microsoft Word, the next step is to browse through our gallery of ready-made elegant brochure templates and decide on which design you want to use for your brochure. Be it an invitation to your best friend’s wedding or a flyer to promote enrollment for the next school year, our templates can do the job!

4. Download Your Design and Start Working

When you’ve chosen a template to use in making your brochure, download the file so you can get to editing. But what if you need to work on the go? Well, Microsoft has you covered, since MS Word is available to download and use on your mobile device! MS Word even has features that function with a stylus and lets you collaborate online with other people in real-time!

5. Design Well

When designing your brochure, make sure it will be aesthetically pleasing. You don't want to make a brochure that won't catch people's attention. Carefully choose what information to put in by selecting only the important ones. This way, you don't have to cram everything in your brochure, which would make it look congested. Also, do not only put written content but images as well. Furthermore, the font and colors you use should complement whatever you are promoting. For example, if you are planning to make Christmas brochures, then the colors green and red would be fitting as those are the colors associated with the holiday.

6. Save Your File before Printing

Once you’ve saved the changes to your work, it’s ready to print out. By making use of Microsoft Word and our ready-made elegant templates, creating your own beautifully designed brochure is no problem!

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