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How to Make Kindergarten Brochures in Microsoft Word

Kindergarten brochures are marketing pamphlets that provide detailed information about a school and its curriculum. To make a kindergarten brochure, you need a good editor and these few steps as a guide to help you get started:

1. Do a Case Study

When you start planning for your brochure, you need to consider a lot of things. Gather your teachers for a meeting and lay an agenda for discussion. Do a thorough review of your preschool programs if they are kid-friendly and if it can satisfy the parents' demands. Reassess everything you need to work out: facilities, class schedules, teacher's availability, learning environment, and teaching aids, to name a few. You can also survey by giving out questionnaires in areas surrounded by schools and children. If you can gather enough data and maybe a few suggestions for development and upgrades, you will have an idea on how to start your brochure designs.

2. Start Plotting Important Points

When you have the data you need, you can start plotting the content for your brochure. List down what is relevant and group ideas in categories. Write about what parents need to bring during a kindergarten enrollment like birth certificate, proof of address, and immunization records. Some schools do require parents for clinical records in case the child has an illness that needs attention. Compose an introduction for your school here, including visions and missions, your programs, schedule of classes, and contact numbers. If you are an international kindergarten that caters to children of different nationalities, emphasize a bit of that in your advertisement. Aim to make everything simple and straightforward as possible.

3. Pick Compelling Visuals

To make a brochure that everyone will like to read, try using colors and photos that are colorful to add attraction to your marketing tool. Do you have pictures of your students from way back? You can use that to tell a story: the history of your school and how it came to be. Candid photos of students having fun while learning are additional points to your pamphlets. You can also insert a picture of teachers as a subtle way of introducing them to your readers. When playing around with colors, you can go light or dark. However, it would be better if you use your school's official color to establish your brand and be easily recognized amongst the many early learning institutions in your area.

4. Search for an Editor and Start Designing

Since you have all that you need, it's time for you to find an online editor where you can start designing the brochure. If you are doing this for the first time, you can start with Microsoft Word. It is easy to use and convenient since there are a lot of tutorials for Word you can find online. After that, you can start designing the brochure. Decide whether you would go bi-fold or tri-fold depending on the information you want to incorporate. You can also add cute elements like cuddly bears for appeal. But do not hoard the whole brochure with them.

5. Print with Style

When everything is set, and you are already contented with the outcome of the design, it's time for you to print. Do invest in good-quality materials and printer. Your brochure will represent you, so make it your business to give it a fabulous finishing touch.

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