Geometric shapes, lines, present-day design styles, and so much more—these are just some of the things you can use as your own when you use our Ready-Made Modern Templates in Illustrator. Our templates guarantee that you can create brochures that adhere to the modern taste of your target customers. Our templates are easily editable, 100% customizable, printable, and are professionally made. So, you will have an easier time. Aside from that, we have also included design elements that you can use to help ensure your brochure piques your customers' interest. Download our printable Ready-Made Modern Templates in Adobe Illustrator for free now.

How to Make a Modern Brochure in Adobe Illustrator?

Brochures are folded papers that commonly advertise companies and organizations, and give benefits about their products and services. Moreover, brochures are practical and easy to hand out. If you have decided to make modern brochures for your company or organization, here are some easy steps to follow:

1. Who Will Read?

Before you make your brochure, you should consider your audience. Your audience or your target market are the people who will read your brochures. They should be your responsibility. You should make your brochure specifically for them. Think about who they are. What do they like? What can they get from reading your brochure? Would they like it? Would they read it? These are some of the questions that you should answer. If your audience does not understand your brochure, then consider your brochure ineffective.

2. Decide on the Fold

There are a lot of brochure folds. There are the modern trifold brochure, the bifold brochure, and the gatefold brochure. Choose the fold brochure style that fits best your brochure. When you choose for a fold, it is important to consider your audience, your brochure's purpose, and your brochure's contents.

3. Brochure Design

Since you want to make modern brochures, you should make your designs look modern. Modern designs are simple and easy to the eyes. Mostly, the colors for modern brochures are any of the primary colors or any bold colors. Also, consider using minimal designs on your brochures. Don't use too many designs on your background. Now, the next step is to choose a brochure template for your brochure. Choose from our best modern brochures above which will enhance the purpose of your brochure. We have corporate brochure templates and real estate agent brochure templates. Choose the brochure template design that suits your taste.

4. Brochure Information

You should know the exact information that you will put on your brochures. Some brochures are for sales support, for handouts, or for giving information. Another thing, make sure to provide the correct details. Mostly, brochures are for promotions of businesses or organizations. So when you write, make sure that you will promote your business. Write the most beneficial things and information your customers will get. Don't use long paragraphs and sentences. Just be brief and be direct to the point.

5. Include Images

To make your brochures look better, add pictures. Put pictures that relate to your brochure contents. Neatly arrange them to avoid clutter. Choose the best photos that will enhance the beauty of your brochure. Mostly the images are the first to grab the attention of your audience so make the best use of them. Another thing, don't put too many images on your brochures, limit them.

6. Open Adobe Illustrator

To start making your brochures, open Adobe Illustrator. This program is useful to make brochures. This software has tools to select and create objects. Before you print your brochure, be sure to review everything. It is crucial to proofread your work before you print to avoid any problems.

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