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What Is the Purpose of a Brochure?

It is a very helpful tool that introduces a product, service or even a company to the reader along with whatever benefits it could potentially bring. Many businesses use it strategically by handing them over to potential customers who may also be willing to spread the news about the brand and what it has to offer.

How to Make a Brochure in Word

1. Start With the Type of Brochure

Know that there are three different types that are commonly made: single-sided, bi-folded, and tri-folded. So when making your brochure, you'll need to decide on which one you should go for. Take note that the more folds there are, the more things you can work with in terms of design and information organization. Once you have decided, you may then use Microsoft Word and go to the Layout tab to choose the number of columns/folds you want.

2. Setup the Page

Start by accessing Microsoft Word and creating a new document. From there, you select on the File tab and choose the Page Setup option. From here, you should see a ton of things that will allow you to edit the layout of your brochure. When it comes to size, be sure that it's in A4 and Landscape. As for everything else, it's entirely up to you. You can always check out samples of brochures if you want a better idea of how to go about your setup.

3. Come Up With an Attractive Design

Think about what kind of pictures you're going to use that can attract the right attention. These are usually ones that provide the best positive image of whatever is being promoted. When you've made your choices, simply drag them to the area of the page that you want to place them in. Be sure to use images of high quality to guarantee that your brochure looks good. You'll also want to focus on the background. Go with a color that best fits the mood that you are going for or one that fits with the brochure's theme.

4. Put In the Content

Use the Text box and to put in the information your brochure needs. No matter what it is that you end up promoting, you'll want to focus on the positives. This means that you should make a list of all the benefits that one can potentially gain from what it is that your brochure is advertising. You'll also want to include your business's contact details so that those who are interested in what's being offered can make further inquiries or even a purchase.

5. Edit What You Need To

At the end of it all, you will have to check if everything is ready for printing. So what you will need to do is go through the contents of your brochure and see if there are any grammatical or spelling errors that you have to fix. Also, check the accuracy of your information and if there is anything that you may have forgotten to include.

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