The memories of yesteryears had left its impression on us. The essence of the past era can be felt everywhere - music, fashion, and even in business. Here in Pro, our Retro Brochures are exactly what you need to amp up your business. Every template is editable, printable, 100% customizable and available for download in all versions of Apple Pages. Whether if it's for a menu, a fashion booklet or a music festival invitation, our Retro Brochures will do the job for you. 

How to Create Retro Brochures in Apple Pages

A brochure is an advertising tool that contains informative details used by companies to introduce a product or service. However, it can also be used to raise awareness, promote an event, or even as a map, to name a few. A retro brochure is a vintage-inspired marketing medium that delivers the same content as a standard brochure; however, the only difference it had is in its design. To create a retro brochure, you can follow the steps below to start your project.

1. Devise a Goal

Before you proceed in creating a design for your brochure, you must first decide about what you want to achieve with it. Producing one without a purpose will make it pretty worthless, no matter how beautiful your design is. Keep in mind the reasons why you are using a brochure to advertise your business in the first place: to develop your brand and boost your sales. Think about what your audience would like to see or read in your brochures and how you would want them to act after reading its contents. Would they respond to your call-of-action?

When you incorporate the right strategy into your marketing plans, it becomes more effective. Using the same approach for your brochures, you will be able to accomplish the three essential tasks: inform, support, and generate.

2. Identify Your Audience

It is very vital to distinguish your audience. Your consumers have a significant impact on the development of your business, which is why demographic data are beneficial in marketing. It gives you firsthand information that could help you create a brochure fitting for the market you're targeting. With a continuously growing audience, the best thing to do is know them on a more personal level to gauge their interests and behaviors. Conducting a survey will aid you in getting to know your customers better. Knowing what they need and want from you will help you create an effective advertisement.

3. Start Making Your Design

If you already have a solid plan for your brochure campaign, it is time for you to make your ideas come to fruition. First, download an online editing app. If you do not have any editing app, you can download Apple Pages. It has an array of features suitable for brochure-making. Also, if you have a MAC or any iOS devices, downloading it will be pretty quick if it's not pre-installed already.

Decide about what format you want to give your brochure. You can go bi-fold or tri-fold depending on the content. To help you choose the format, you can try writing a draft of your content on a piece of paper. It is a method that can help you envision the final output of your brochure. If you want to speed up the process of editing, you can always download a template.

4. Work on Necessary Elements

Afterward, pick a retro or vintage theme that suits your business well. Retro styles are endlessly trendy; that is why it never goes out of fashion even after several decades. So, you don't have to worry about not being able to attract readers, especially when choosing retro colors to grace your brochure's background. Several tones represent the aesthetics of retro designs; you only need to choose two colors that you think will complement the theme best.

To establish your brand further, include the logo in your design. Always use the one with a high resolution so it won't come out blurry during the printing stage. As for the images, use excellent photos of you and the product or services you are offering. Photographs provide an invaluable opportunity to attract customers visually. Arrange your contents carefully and edit if you need to as you go along. Proofread before you print.

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