Miss the not-so-distant and fashionable 30s, 40s, or 90s? And do you want to incorporate the sense of nostalgia they bring to your own printed marketing materials? If yes, then look no farther than Template.net’s rich collection of Retro Brochure Templates in Adobe Photoshop. Here, we have curated professional written, 100% customizable, and easily editable brochure templates that will fit any of your personal or business needs. We have brochure designs for retro parties, gas station adverts, restaurant menu cards, music shows, and even for summer disco nights. Check out our free bi-fold and tri-fold vintage brochure templates below!

How to Make a Retro Brochure in PSD

Digital or printed brochures are cost-effective marketing materials because they allow you to present comprehensive information in a visually appealing manner. They may contain images and persuasive ad copy specifically made to target a specific demographic or audience.

And when a creative brochure design mostly follows a style or design that is reminiscent of the past, it is called a retro brochure. This specific type of brochure may be used to target an older demographic or to generate a sense of nostalgia towards anyone reading the material.

Check out the step by step guide below on how to recreate this business brochure design theme for your electronic or printed marketing materials.

1. Relearn Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic design software programs used for making brochures. That is why if you intend to create or use premium or free brochure templates in PSD, you first need to know how to use Adobe Photoshop. In this guide, most of the brochure templates included are in the PSD file format. You may download them or you may create your own brochure design from scratch.

2. Choose a Color Scheme

By choosing a retro brochure, you have already decided on following a retro design theme. Therefore, all your next design decisions should be based on this theme. To illustrate, you must choose a color palette that matches the retro design theme that you have chosen. As long as your chosen color scheme reinforces the retro theme, your professional brochure will look good.

3. Write Persuasive Content

Another important element of any kind of marketing material (whether you are making flyer templates, pamphlet templates, or brochure templates) is its content. An effective brochure is one that includes relevant and easy-to-understand information.

For example, if you are the owner of an online shop that sells women’s clothes, your retro sales brochure should include information on the different vintage clothing that you sell. Your brochure’s retro design may put your feet in the door. But it is your brochure’s content that will allow you in.

4. Arrange Text and Graphics Logically

Now, to make your brochure more appealing, all information and graphic elements in the design should be presented in a readable manner. How to do this? It’s simple. You must choose a clean and organized layout. Choose a brochure format that intuitively guides a reader on what to read next. Make use of white space. Give your printable brochure design some breathing space and anyone reading it will have more room to internalize the information that they read.

5. Add Images and Illustrations

Images, typography, and illustrations are another crucial component of an effective retro brochure. High-quality photos, original illustrations, and clean typography can all make the brochure more credible and readable. A brochure will a lot of relevant images work because it breaks up the amount of textual information that a customer has to read. Just like how a good poster design works better when it contains photos.

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