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How to Make a Sports Brochure in PSD

As its name implies, a sports brochure is a marketing material that includes promotional information about a sports team, event, store, or a related cause. Just like other kinds of brochures, its main purpose is to inform readers and entice them to try out a service, buy a product, attend an event, or just be generally more knowledgeable about a sports-related thing.

To create a sports brochure, knowledge in graphic design and desktop publishing software programs is essential. The most common software tool that graphic artists and design enthusiasts use is Adobe Photoshop. In the guide below, we will breakdown the elements of an effective sports brochure design and teach you how to replicate this for your own printed brochures.

1. Know Your Brand

Study your brand, your product or service, and what kind of mark you wish to leave your customers. This sense of awareness allows you to develop a branding strategy that you may use to increase brand recognizability. And this first step applies to whether you are making flyer templates, pamphlet templates, catalog templates, or whatever kind of marketing material you wish to create.

2. Choose a Design Motif or Theme

The sky’s the limit when it comes to picking a theme for your printable brochures. Just remember, your chosen motif should match your brand image as much as possible. For example, if you are operating a basketball good store, you may choose a sports brochure theme that recreates the high adrenaline rush one feels when watching a ballgame.

3. Pick a Layout Design

Your sports brochure’s layout is another element that can make or break the usefulness of a printed brochure. To illustrate, when all the images and text in your brochure are set up in a way that facilitates a good reading experience, you are more likely to get leads from your marketing brochures.

Remember, a good layout design does not always mean simple and drab designs. You can always have colorful and non-standard designs as long as they make sense and are easy to read.

4. Wow With Images

The average human attention span is about eight seconds. Therefore, to create a winning sports brochure, your sports fitness brochures need to be striking enough and capture a reader’s attention within eight seconds or less. And one way to do that is through the use of high-quality images or illustrations.

A well-taken photo can work wonders in teasing readers about a product or service. You do not always have to use one big cover photo. Instead, you may add photo collages or image thumbnails to fit inside a sports bi-fold or tri-fold brochure.

5. Don’t Forget the Brochure Content

Most pre-made flyer templates and sports brochure templates will come with a pre-made brochure layout or content. You may also retain them. But, it's better to customize them to match the tone and image of your brand.

To illustrate, the content of an extreme sports online brochure will be vastly different from a sports brochure for golf training lessons. Use your judgment to determine the best kind of content for your sports, business, or educational brochures.

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