How to Make a Sports Brochure in MS Publisher

Along with sports flyers, sports brochures are one of the effective promotional strategies by many sports companies. Even in the digital age, the handed-out papers are still as practical as the modern promotional strategy like the internet. Sports brochures are used to promote a particular game or sports activity. It can be basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, tennis, and many more. Sports brochures help spread the word of the upcoming events, like the Olympics, of those sports mentioned above. So here are some helpful steps in making a sports brochure.

1. Determine the Type of Sport

As mentioned above, there are many types of sports. You have to determine the specific sport/s that you are endorsing. Take note that you can incorporate more than one sport in one product or service brochure, so you can always choose as many sports as you want as long as it has an event. You have to be specific and sure about the games to prevent unmet expectations by the spectators.

2. Plan the Approach

Before diving into the brochure designs, plan your marketing approach and how you can reach the targetted audience. The audiences that you need to get a hold of are sports lovers. Those sports lovers have a higher possibility of watching the sports event since the probability of grabbing their interest is higher than those who give less attention to sports. Decide which places you would want to hand out your brochures. The area has to be public and crowded. For higher probability, you can put it on sports equipment stalls, fitness gyms, or any sports-related places to get the sports lovers' to know about the game.

3. Visualize the Design and Content

To further engage the audience's attention, you also have to make sure that the marketing brochure design speaks about the chosen sports with attractive features. The background has to be relevant to the event and the game. It can be a solid color, but make sure that the color defines the event. It can be the color branding of the company or the official color of the teams. Colors matter when it comes to sports since it aways represents something.

The pictures, patterns, and decorations also have to be relevant to the game. You don't want to put a team playing badminton in a basketball brochure. You also, don't want to present a completely different team from the one you featured in the text. Make sure that everything is related and connected. The graphic design, typography design, and content should be harmonious together.

4. Design the Sports Brochure

Open MS Publisher and start lay-outing the brochure. There are many types of brochures; there are bi-fold, tri-fold, z-fold, gate-fold, french-fold, and many more. The most popular ones are the bi-fold and the tri-fold brochures. Its standard size is 8.5 in x 11 inches.

Then, start designing. Put the planned designs and pictures into the paper. Just as envisioned and planned, the designs and pictures have to show high relevance to the sports event. The visuals matter more to the audience since it is the first thing to notice and create impact. It piques the interest of the targetted audience, so make sure to consider the perspective of the audience. Then, put the necessary texts. Include the name of the event, time, date, and location of the event. If it's an outdoor or extreme event, make sure to give assurance to the audience for safety and comfort. Then, provide background information about each event for the audience's knowledge. Put the team names because some people have biases against their favorite teams. So don't forget to include that.

5. Set Everything and Print

Review the newly-made creative brochure and check any misspelled words and unnecessary information in the content. Make sure that the design is pixel-perfect for a high-quality brochure. Afterward, save the outcome and print!

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