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How to Make a Broker Brochure?

Brokers are agents who charge a commission for every deal executed during a buy and sell transaction. Having this kind of business brochure is a modern and inventive way to market your brokerage company services to help your clients match their buyers and sellers.

Aside from being cheap and quick to produce, brochures are your most common promotional tool to boost your business sales. Marketing with brochures can be powerful when done right, which is why we give you a few simple steps to make an attractive and creative brochure to catch the interest of your readers.

1. Identify What Type of Broker You Are

Brochures play a huge introduction credit to your business. But before you begin to create one, you still need to identify the type of firm you are operating. There are many types of brokers existing right now, insurance brokers, information brokers, pawnbrokers, where do you belong? Next, is to check who your clients are. Do you plan to work along with a mortgage company? An automobile company? Or some other company? Research your company's background and take notes on the details.

2. Choose a Brochure Design

How much information do you plan to cover in your brochure? What type of brochure format will you choose? How do you plan an outline to disseminate it? For your format, the most common ones are bifold, trifold, folders and inserts, and the booklet type. If you plan to give out your brochures to big corporations who want a formal brochure design, the booklet type, and the folders and inserts are preferable for you to use. On the other hand, if you have a smaller budget, the trifold and bifold formats will be suitable for you.

3. Write the Needed Information

Real estate and mortgages are good areas to cover for your brochure. You can go into details on what you want to market, like focusing on commercial mortgages, mortgage processes, and mortgage products. You may also include your legal consulting services as a property consultant if it applies. Begin organizing your content once you have trimmed down the important information for your brochure.

4. Be Creative

Be unique with your design. Provide a good visual element to your elegant brochure to make it stand out. Add catchy photos and creative graphics that attract your reader’s attention. Use full-bleed so that your design extends until the end of the paper, leaving no white spaces behind. In adding your text, make sure to use a consistent font that is easy to read and understand. Use the element on the visual hierarchy to emphasize important details on your brochure. Also, incorporate color schemes that blend well with your brochure.

5. Print and Disseminate Your Brochure

In printing your paper, you may choose between a glossy paper and a matte paper. If you want to create a pop effect to enhance and emphasize your images and color, a glossy paper fits best for your corporate brochure. On the other hand, if you want to have a classic look that blends well with light and pastel colors, a matte paper will work best. Lastly, disseminate your brochures after you have printed everything.

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