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How to Make a Business Desk Calendar

Calendars are useful tools that have been around for a very long time. In an article by WebExhibits (an online museum), it’s said that the basis for the modern calendar system dates all the way back to the 16th century. Smaller calendars are especially useful as advertising content since their compact forms keep them from being obtrusive in busy settings.

Designing one is fairly simple. But if you’re looking for some advice, simply read through our tips below!

1. Determine Your Desk Calendar’s Size and Shape

Orientation-wise, desk calendars come in both landscape and portrait format. For this, freely pick whichever you need at the moment.

There’s also the matter of what print size to give your calendar’s pages. Between A4 and US letter sizes, there’s plenty of standard options you can incorporate. Large measurements give you more printing space, while smaller form factors offer more flexibility with where you can place them.

2. Prepare Materials for Printing Your Business Desk Calendar

For printing out your calendar, you’ll need a material that’s easy to work with and has good quality. Double-sided matte paper is an excellent choice here!

Besides the paper, there are several other things to prepare: a coil-binder spine, foldable stand, and hole puncher. You can easily find these in a school/office supply store or an arts & crafts store.

3. Add Photos to Your Business Desk Calendar

When designing your business calendar in your application (such as Apple Pages or MS Word), include some professionally shot photos to make it more appealing. Since you’re going with a business theme, use depictions of office buildings, work desks, office workers, and so on.

4. Add a Graphic Design to Your Business Desk Calendar

If you prefer, you can use custom graphic designs in place of or alongside photos! Again, because you’re making a business calendar, the graphical renders should have a simple yet sleek style. Vector graphics are always a great go-to in this regard.

Did you go through all our tips? Don’t forget about our Business Desk Calendar Templates for easy-to-use designs that go with any office setting!

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