How to Create a Business Desk Calendar in Google Docs

Great time management is just as crucial as the other assets in the business-making. It evidently and significantly impacts the processes along the way.

According to the American Institute of Stress, at least 48% of employees in the US are suffering from stress because of an overwhelmed workload wherein deadlines are short and working hours are unreasonably lengthy. An incident of poor time management.

In this article, we cite the fundamental tips in helping you create your own business desk calendar for you to use to become productive efficiently and effectively. To begin with,

1. Grab a Calendar Template

Structuring a desk calendar can buy you much time. There are different sets of days and weeks in a month for the year. Creating boxes for at least 365 days can be a tedious issue. Hence, it’s best and practical to grab yourself first a calendar template. Subsequently, ensure to grab what’s easily editable. You have your own errands in your particular business setting. Your template must be flexible to cover your business schedule.

2. List

Before you jump off plotting your activities in your business desk calendar, it is ideal to have a comprehensive list first of all your pertaining business activities and recurring events. Save it in a separate sheet. This is so you can have a prior picture of what you are about to handle. However, keep in mind that this will not function as your to-do list.

3. Plot Reasonably

Do make sure to indicate a reasonable timeframe when you plot your particular business activities. Be realistic. If you have a meeting to another venue worth 30 minutes driving, make sure the prior event schedule has allocated you enough time for that. Do not keep your schedule too tight as that may result in you to a stressful and complex workday.

4. Assess Your Calendar Regularly

Generally, the future can not be told and certain. There can be unforeseeable changes along the way. Make sure your business calendar can cope up with that. Assess your business desks calendar and have it modified when the need arises immediately.

5. Brand It!

So your business calendar can be more engaging and compelling than being plain or dull-looking, you can integrate your company’s branding details on it. Design it with your company’s color schemes, tailor a logo, match the typography in your titles, subtly highlight your events and more others. It’s your business calendar, and branding it accordingly can make it more exclusive for your business use. However, maintain a professional layout.

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