Are you having trouble acquiring new customers? Not sure how to create a marketing business plan that would help sell your company or products? You might be looking for a Business Development Manager, Administrative Assistant, or a Strategic Plan Manager to join your company. With our Business Development Job Description Template, getting that executive that gets the job done is easy! Browse our entire collection of sample Business Development Job Description Templates that are available in Word, PDF, Pages, Google Docs, and more! Subscribe now and fill that position in your company today!

What is a Business Development Job Description?

For small and medium businesses, acquiring customers may prove to be challenging. That's why enterprises allot more time strategizing and planning their marketing efforts. However, you can make the job more manageable with the help of a business development manager. A Business Development Job Description helps you summarize the required skills and the responsibilities asked for in a business development executive job. With a well-written job description, acquiring a business development manager who can help keep your business afloat is easy. But how is a Business Development Job Description written?

How To Write a Good Business Development Job Description

Writing a job description is critical in filtering applicants who fit well with your business needs. However, with our five steps in writing a good job description, hooking suitable applicants in sending their resumes should be easy!

1. Be specific.

Try to narrow down your applicants by using particular words in your description. Do you only need an assistant or an executive? You don't want overqualified or underqualified ones to come knocking at your office door for an interview.

2. Describe the duties and responsibilities adequately.

It's easy to be subjective if you are currently doing the job, and you need someone else to help you out. An effective way to veer from subjectivity would be to research the typical duties and responsibilities of a business development manager.

3. Highlight your company's unique assets.

Do you have free-flowing coffee and beverages in the pantry? Are you offering free meal coupons to your employees? No matter how little you think these things are, it's great to include the redeeming qualities of your company.

4. Tell them what's in it for them.

One way to attract your applicant's attention would be to highlight the benefits (e.g., healthcare coverage, retirement plan).

5. Never forget your contact information.

Always include the address, email, and phone numbers. These are the ways they can submit their job application.

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