What is a Business Letterhead?

Basically, a letterhead is the heading of a particular document like letters, memos, and the like. It is usually placed at the top, which comprises the company or business logo, business name, complete address, and contact details. In business, one of the vital elements of a business letter is its letterhead. A company letterhead is required for all businesses — be it a large or small business. It is designed as an additional marketing, branding, and advertising tool.

How to Create a Business Letterhead

business letterhead template

Your business letterhead serves as a physical representation of your company. Thus, a well-crafted, clean, and professional-looking letterhead is a requirement. In this brief article, we provided basic and simple tips on how to create and design your business' official letterhead.

1. Get to Know the Basics

Before you start tweaking with the design of your business letterhead, you need to secure the basic information first. These are the company or business name along with its logo, physical address, and contact details (email, phone, fax, and web address). You can also incorporate your company tagline. Any information relating to your business must be presented clearly and concisely. Always remember to put the necessary and complete details. For instance, you want to promote and introduce your business. Let the audience read a clear and well-organized letterhead with a readable text along with clear and complete information.

2. Represent your Business Brand

Designing a creative and effective business letterhead is quite challenging. You need to be selective on what type of design elements you need to incorporate. In representing your brand, a corporate logo, color scheme, and a wise choice of typography will help you effectively create a letterhead design. Branding is not just all about the logo but also the choice of color scheme, typography, and other related elements. Consider the type of business you have when choosing elements to represent your brand. For instance, using formal and casual fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial in formal business letterheads.

3. Balance the Use of Color

Color is an essential element that will help you draw the reader's attention to your design — specifically in your letterhead. You have the freedom to choose any color you want as long as it attracts the reader's eyes. Business experts suggested using a four-color letterhead for formal business letters. An excellent way to improve your branding is to pick a color that reflects your business. For example, in your real estate company. Gray, black, blue, silver, and brown are commonly used colors that represent professionalism. Blend the colors well with the type and color of paper you have chosen.

4. Keep it Minimal

Your goal is to showcase the content. Do not overwhelm the readers with an overdesigned letterhead. A winning letterhead keeps its design as simple as possible. Take note; a letterhead represents your company. Thus, keeping it professional-looking and easy-to-follow is necessary. Your letterhead design must not distract the readers. Keep it simple and useful.

5. Download a Business Letterhead Template

Create your business letterhead using a downloadable template online. For added convenience, check out the available templates on this page. Download, open, and edit it in any file format you are comfortable with — be it in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and the like.

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