Successfully running a large business or company requires proper planning and action from its executives. Therefore, it’s important for those in charge to hold meetings and have discussions for the sake of their corporation. And in regards to those meetings, it’s also important to provide the attendees with a formal summary of these discussions. With meeting minutes, you can supply information and reminders that can be useful to relevant parties. So if you’re looking to save time from your writing, then consider our Business Meeting Minutes Templates! Our professional content is 100% customizable in Google Docs, printable in A4 and US letter sizes. Download now and effectively outline the notes and agenda of board meetings with our easily editable samples!

How to Make Business Meeting Minutes in Docs

After having a team meeting, it’s possible for the attendees to forget the main takeaways that were discussed. So it’s always wise to compose and distribute some meeting minutes as helpful references to those topics and other details.

As mentioned by The Balance Careers, meeting minutes are documents used to provide attendees (and non-attendees) with notes on significant information about a meeting/presentation. Are you looking to expedite the writing of your meeting minutes in Google Docs? Then be sure to check out our tips just below!

1. Provide General Information

Open a file/template in Google Docs and start off by creating the title of your meeting minutes--using the main topic of the meeting is always a good go-to for a title. Then, input basic information about the meeting; such as the time, date, venue, and attendees. You can also list down any absences if required.

2. Go Through Each Main Topic

The next part of your document should briefly elaborate on what was discussed during the meeting. Create a list of these main topics/discussions and provide a brief yet informative summary of each.

3. Details about Actions and Decisions

Now, besides the main points of the conference, your meeting minutes will need to also contain a small overview of any important events and decisions that might have occurred in the meeting/conference. These events could be votings, interlude topics, etc.

4. Review and Make Corrections

Before you send/hand out copies of your meeting minutes, it’s important to first go over your document and make sure everything is shipshape; correct/rewrite elements if needed. Lastly, if it’s mandatory, get approval and signatures for your notes.

So, depending on what’s required, you can now distribute through digital or physical means. Keep everyone updated on topics and agendas by incorporating our ready-made Business Meeting Minutes Templates!

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