There's always a lot going on in the industry of business and commerce. Because of that, some business-geared publishers keep people informed of these happenings through their newsletter releases. Do you need a hand with your business-oriented articles for internal employees, email subscribers, or the general public? Then we're sure you'll be interested in using our easily editable Business Newsletter Templates! Step up your publication's quality and appeal with our professional designs, available in a variety of file formats for your convenience. So, go ahead and download today! Use our samples to give your newsletter a look that's trendy, minimalist, unique, or whatever else you may need!

What Is a Business Newsletter?

A business newsletter is a form of publicized reading material containing the latest news about business topics or subjects. According to Chron, they state that a newsletter is also effective at sustaining a connection between a company and its clients. A newsletter is a cost-effective way to keep people informed and interested in something. Whether it’s released weekly, monthly, or quarterly, there’s no denying how useful it can be.

How to Create a Business Newsletter

Are you unsure of how to get your articles into a presentable format? No problem! Keep reading down below and use our tips on composing a digital or printed business newsletter!

1. Prepare Your Visual and Written Content

Before you work on the email business newsletter itself, it’s advisable that you prepare your material beforehand. Besides the written content, there’s also the matter of making your newsletter look attractive. So, it’s important that you prepare photos and pictures to include in your publication. When deciding on what imagery to use, make sure to keep things suitable for the particular business topic you’re writing about.

And with regard to the written content, it’s a good idea to get it ready in a simple plain document for pasting it in later.

2. Give Your Business Newsletter a Professional Layout

Once your material is ready, go ahead and open a new document in your chosen processing software (eg, MS Word, Google Docs, and Apple Pages). First off, you’ll have to appropriately format the page. To do this, keep the following in mind: stay within a 1-inch margin, comply with your region’s standard page size, and orient the document in a portrait format.

3. Your Business Newsletter’s Text

After formatting the page, it’s time to work on your newsletter’s content. To begin, add the main title to the very top of the page (within the margin). A newsletter title tends to be in center-alignment, but you’re free to position it to the left or right if desired. Make the font size large and make sure it has the largest font to make a creative newsletter. After that, enter the publication date, volume, issue.

Next, paste the written content that you prepared earlier in the smaller document. When working on this, follow a column format and keep it to 3 columns per page. Utilize subheaders to segregate sections where needed.

4. Apply Your Business Newsletter’s Imagery

It’s time to get a bit creative and add some visual flair to your newsletter! Insert the pictures that you gathered and arrange them in ways that complement that overall look of your document. You can try adding the images in-between paragraphs or place them right in the middle of a section to have the text wrap around.

After reviewing and finalizing your newsletter, you can now publish it through email or printed mail. Finally, if you’re looking for more help with preparing business articles about social media, trending products, and more, then remember to have a gander at our Business Newsletter Templates!

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