When applying for a job, you have to put your best foot out there. Tons of applicants have the same credentials as you, and some may even have more impressive credentials. You have to sell yourself to potential employers, and one way to do that is to pick the perfect resume to represent you well. Lucky for you because we have Business Resume Templates with different creative layouts and color arrangements. We have all kinds of resumes for an internship, college students, undergraduates, college graduates, entry-level applicants, professionals, and many more. We have provided you original suggestive headings and content to make the task easier for you. Our templates can be edited through Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and many more! Download one of these business templates now!

How to Create a Business Resume

Recruiters normally skim your professional resume for a minute or less. This unreasonably short time is enough for you to include as many necessary details as possible. No recruiter would want to read a wordy resume—so, you have to keep everything short while ensuring that no important detail has been left out. Keep all fonts as readable as possible and use appropriate spacing accordingly.

There are different resume formats adopted by job seekers—but, the widely accepted format is by starting from the most recent information down to the old ones. You must also ensure that there is ample spacing between sentences to make the resume presentable and easy to read.

If you are searching for tips on how to create your clean resume, read through our list below.

1. Choose a Resume Format

Just like what has been mentioned above, you should arrange your achievements and other relevant information in a reverse-chronological format. This means that the most recent information or achievement is what goes first in a list down to the older ones. This gives the recruiter an idea of what you have been up to lately.

2. Name and Contact Information Comes First

Your name should on the topmost part of the creative resume—in bold and in a bigger font. Below it, your contact information should follow, should the recruiter decides to invite you for an interview. Only display updated contact information to avoid giving your recruiters a hard time contacting you.

3. Emphasize Your Skills and Achievements

If you want to stand out from the pool of applicants, emphasize what makes you unique. Highlight your skills and achievements to catch the eyes of your recruiter. It would be much better if you include numbers in your elegant resume—for example, 'Increased sales by 5%'—this information alone can pique the interest of your recruiters because of the measurable achievement.

4. Don't Forget Your References

To help your potential employers determine your performance in your previous employment, place references. References are placed at the bottom of the last page of your simple resume—these may be your immediate head, supervisor, or even a colleague. But, before placing their names, be sure to ask their permission first.

5. Do Proofreading

Before finally submitting your well-prepared sample resume to your ideal employer, make sure to proofread and edit everything first. Errors in grammar and spelling prove to be discouraging to your recruiters—so, to avoid this dilemma, proofread, and edit.

After doing so, have a friend review your resume and solicit their recommendations.

6. Use a Professionally Written Business Resume Template

If you want a preformatted template to aid you in making your business resume, download and use our templates instead. Our templates with original suggestive headings and content are professionally written by our in-house writers.

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