What is a Business Voucher

A business voucher is a document that can be redeemable at any authorized store. In general, business vouchers have a specific monetary value and can only be spent or used once on a particular product or reason. It also allows businesses to offer discounts for certain products and/or services. Vouchers are sometimes called a coupon, gift certificate, or gift card. Nowadays, there are e-vouchers you can find online. Other than a business voucher, a voucher can come as an accommodation voucher, a cash voucher, a housing voucher, a school voucher, a travel voucher, and a food voucher.

How to Make a Business Voucher

In a business, securing a business voucher will prove advantageous when the time comes. Hence, we have listed here for you some guidelines and tips that will help you in creating the perfect business voucher.

1. Visuals

Visuals always matter. Produce a business voucher with an appealing visual hierarchy to better catch the attention of your target market. Take note of the colors, images, and fonts you are going to use. The elements should go hand-in-hand. Your business voucher should not be taken lightly. Don't allow your voucher to be simply just a piece of paper that people will intentionally or unintentionally throw away; that is why the visuals are essential. Your goal here is for your voucher to be kept and used by the holder.

2. Call to Action

The call to action is the opportunity for you to motivate your audience into taking real steps toward becoming a customer. Vouchers will become ineffective if it does not have a call to action. The perfect call to action can push an individual in the right direction, seal the conversion, and ideally create a loyal customer. It can be subtle or blunt in telling your customers to take immediate action for the best benefit. It should produce a sense of urgency or to steer your clients toward the checkout line. For example, "Shop Now" is straightforward and a compelling call to action.

3. Offers

Get a discount system or advertising offer that delivers value without influencing your profit margins. And if it affects your profit margins, make sure you calculate how you can recover the difference by other means. Offering a fixed amount for gift vouchers are ideal for setting up vouchers for particular services or selling amounts you want online. Always update your business voucher's offers regularly. Link vouchers to specific events or holidays

4. Details

Never forget to leave a space for the essential information about the transaction, such as the name of the person who will avail the promo, quantity of payment, and what the payment is for. If you're making a discount voucher, then include the percentage that will be discounted from whatever product and/or service it's tied to. Then don't forget to include the company code or serial number to avoid forger as well as monitor and resolve any mistakes that may occur during use.

5. Distribution

Once you are done with the finished product, you need to create a distribution plan for your business voucher. Are you going to mail it to clients? Are you just going to distribute it to walk-in clients? Or are you going for e-vouchers to easily send it online? You can even go for the three types of voucher distribution if you want. So that the next time you are going to distribute your business vouchers, you will be able to determine which is more practical for you.

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