How to Write a Buying and Selling Document in Apple Pages?

A buying and selling document is any document that legally validates a transaction. Whether it is an agreement, contract agreement, a proposal, or an ancillary document for land, process, a company or any property, having written proof that the transaction happened is never a bad idea. Apple Pages is an app you can use if you're a Mac user since it makes your work easily editable.

1. Conceptualize Your Layout

Since there are many types of documents used for buying and selling of… well… anything, we first need to have a general concept on what your document is going to look like. Whether it be purchase agreements, a bill of sales, or a proposal, the usual business-associated format is Times New Roman for font style and font size 12. This combination is the most widely used format since business documents need to be professionally written and how that is done is with the proper construction of your document.

2. Make Your Purpose Apparent

Now that you have a layout, you can begin with the purpose of your document. There are instances in business that documents can look so alike when only the body is present, so make it stand out by introducing the purpose beforehand. To do this, you simply need to add the document title. Something as simple as "Notice", "Share Purchase Agreement", "Option to Buy", or a "Proposal" is enough to give the apparent purpose of the document. More of the purpose will be explained by your document's body. Just make sure that the intent is well understood. It can be hard to tell the difference a receipt, a referral, and an agreement if there is no title.

3. Recognize the Transaction's Participants

This step may be obvious but if you mess this up, your document will be invalid. What you want to include is the names, addresses, contact details, emails, and all other necessary details of everyone mentioned. This depends on your document though, if it is in letter form, then you can simply put in the details within the letter aspects. If it is an agreement or a contract, mention it within your terms and conditions.

4. Give Your Document a Legal Foothold if You Can

To give your buying and selling document more teeth, you can look up at state laws that you can bind to your document. You can take a look at your state's Recorder of Deeds office for reference on the possible constitutional bindings you can take. This is good for many reasons such as giving your document a sense of professionalism, as well as a way to provide you some evidence in court.

5. Take Time to Browse Over It

When you're finally done, you can implement the 3 Cs of proofreading; clean up your work by browsing through your work, cut out any unnecessary information, and correct your grammar and spelling errors. Even though these are just small steps, they can help a lot if you want to create a professional and well-written document because even minor errors can keep your professionalism down.

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