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How to a Make Buying & Selling Document in Microsoft Word

Buying and selling documents are legitimate contracts or agreements that bind both the seller and the buyer. The idea of buying and selling is widely practiced and considered in business and market industries. Buying and selling documents are used to produce legal and precise transaction between the seller and the buyer, or vice versa. Both purchasing goods, property, or services as well as selling them involve legal experts back-up and legal documents for a legitimate purpose. Writing an agreement and making a business transaction document could be shattering compared to just filling in the details with the templates above. How? Consider the steps we have provided for you.

1. The Purpose is First

Before downloading a template, make sure to know the purpose. What transaction are you going to make? Are you going to sell goods or products? Or, are you buying a house? These questions are necessary before drafting an agreement. Of course, it won’t hurt to also make a little research on the goods, services, or products that you are going to buy.

2. Know Your Buyer or Seller

This is very important. Be mindful of the scams. Statistics show that in June 2019, there are 2, 102 number of reports, and 36% reports with financial losses in the total amount of $1, 649, 158 due to buying and selling scams.
You should know the person or the company first before engaging in any transaction.

3. Download the Appropriate Template

After picking the right document template for your transaction, download it and have it opened in Microsoft Word Office on your PC. If you need more than one document to fill in, you can always go directly to and download more. It’s all for you and for the kind of transaction that you have to be done.

4. Fill-in the Needed Details

Details are important. Consider your purpose before filling in the details. If it is a buy-sell agreement, you have to provide the names of the buyer and the seller, the date of the agreement, and the terms and conditions that both parties are agreed upon. If you are going to purchase goods or products, make sure to provide the lists and the number of items you intend to buy. If possible, fill in every blank page in the template which deems necessary and important for your business transaction.

5. Review and Correct Mistakes

The details must be correct. You have to proofread whatever it is that you have provided in the documents. It’s okay to make mistakes as long as we’re willing to make it right. Make sure to be accurate on the relevant details like the names, the amount (if any), the date, and the list of materials (if applicable).

6. Print and Sign

After finishing the previous steps, you can now print and sign them. Don’t keep them waiting, and enjoy with your transaction!

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