Call centers have a lot of procedures that require tracking to detect concerns or issues during operating hours. But since there are so many procedures, they can not be tracked easily. One of the best solutions for this is to use a flowchart. This is an essential tool to simplify the procedures and make tracking it much easier. Here, we have a wide array of 100% customizable and easily editable Call Center Flowchart Templates in Microsoft Publisher that you can download. These high-quality templates are perfect for organizing call center processes for easier presentation. What are you waiting for? Download a template now!

How to Make Call Center Flowcharts in Publisher

If you were tasked by a call center company to design its flowchart, starting with a blank document is indeed difficult especially if its the first few times you've done it. As difficult as it seems, using a template can potentially make your flowcharts look more professional since these are already formatted according to the standards. Nevertheless, you shouldn't rely too much on what the template already has to offer, you need to make the flowchart your own. Here are steps on how you can make a unique, catchy, and informative Call Center Flowchart.

1. Identify the Details Being Asked

The first thing that should come to mind when being asked to create a flowchart is to know what details are being asked for it. Another thing to consider is the audience, is your flowchart for the administrative department only or for the general public to see? These questions serve as your foundations since these will guide you in creating the procedures or workflows which are essential to your flowchart.

2. Enumerate the Processes and Procedures Involved

Now that you know what your flowchart is, what details to include, and to whom it is intended for, list down the call center and customer service procedures including the minor processes if possible. Make sure that these are direct and thorough since they serve as the meat of your flowchart. List them down and make sure to organize them in chronological order.

3. Start Designing the Flowchart in Microsoft Publisher

Considering you have all the essential details ready, you can start using Microsoft Publisher to create your call center flowchart. Launch Publisher and open a new project to get started. Afterward, you will be presented with options as to whether you prefer to use a blank project or use an editable chart template. If you're ever going for the latter, don't shy away from using any of the templates that we have on this website.

4. Incorporate the Processes and Procedures to the Flowchart

In a previous step, you prepared a list of the processes and procedures that take place in your call center company. Here, you'll be asked to start adding those details to your flowchart. Shapes and spaces are provided where you can add your content, just make sure not to get too wordy since the spaces allotted are very limited. If you find it difficult to condense your content, it might help to use bullet points to force you to highlight the most important aspects only.

5. Tweak and Finalize Your Flowchart

Before you can publish or print your call center flowchart, you might still need to do some tweaking to the design especially the shapes that contain the text. And in between the shapes or text boxes, make sure that there is a good amount of white space to keep the layout neat and clear. For the content, don't forget to proofread it for errors. After you're done tweaking and proofreading your flowchart, go over it one last time to see if it is indeed ready to be presented.

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