How to Create Blank Cards In Adobe Illustrator?

You're excited about your coming event, but later you've found out that you haven't sent invitation cards yet. This nail-biting scenario will surely double your anxiety. Take it easy, as there's a way around that. If you are an Adobe Illustrator user, simply download your desired card template from us and modify it to your content.

We encourage you to explore the artful spirit you have within so you can try do-it-yourself (DIY). Plan and create your own card ideas with our free blank cards. Should you wish to apply a modern touch or even a fancy design to your cards, any style you want is acceptable. On the other hand, if you need business cards for your upcoming conference, a more formal and minimalist style is encouraged. Furthermore, if a situation demands you to create greeting cards such as for wedding anniversary, congratulation, birthday, ring ceremony, thank you and farewell cards, these need to appear more artistic and creative according to their purpose.

1. Specify Your Purpose

Card-making is broad in nature. Before you make one, you have to determine first on what the purpose of making it is. The contents in your card will vary based on your purpose. If you are making business cards, what's expected are details such as the company name with a logo, the involved person's name, contact information, etc. However, when you are creating greeting cards for personal use, such as thank you and farewell cards, expected on it are personal information and messages. Most importantly, when you're in the card-making business, identifying the specific types of designs and content are very important.

2. Decide On The Paper size

These cards have various paper sizes. Once you're done specifying your purpose of making, start deciding what paper size to utilize. By doing this, you'll have a glimpse of what the format might be and how it may affect when printed. Print greeting cards are usually packed with envelopes. Your envelope sizes will depend on the paper size you use for your cards.

3. Avail Our Templates ( has a lot for you!)

If you don't have enough time to make your own, simply avail your desired template and modify it with your needed content. We've provided lots of options for you to check and assess. What template fits your needs for today?

4. Plan Your Card Design in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the best editing software when creating photo-realistic designs on your card. However, don't neglect the content. The content says everything in your card. Always be mindful of creating rapport with any element of design that you are presenting. Don't mislead your reader. It's unpleasant if you're making a wedding card and your content doesn't contain any related details. It clearly wouldn't make sense that way.

5. Personalize Your Card

It's different when it has its own personality. How you create your card will reflect your personality. When you make the card, think of two involved persons — you and the receiver: how will your receiver feel when they receive the card from you?

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