How to Create a Blank Card in Pages

Blank cards may refer to a blank identification card, business card, invitation card, greeting card, report card and the like. One of the commonly used cards is identification cards. ID cards are becoming an essential part of the business world. It facilitates employees and visitor identity and improves the company in terms of trustworthiness and security.

Creating your blank cards in Apple Pages will be made extra special. According to Apple, Pages places you in a perfect creative environment that puts all the right tools in all the right places. It is made more convenient to choose a suitable look, customize fonts, personalize text styles, and, add awesome graphics. If you are a Mac user, Apple Pages will enable you to create well-organized blank cards along with these few tips.

1. Plan for your Card

Planning must come first. You need to determine what type of blank card you need. Take some time determining the purpose why you will create one. It will also help you make the process more convenient and will give you ideas on how to design your card. To help you, an article suggests you to consider these questions: How will the card(s) be used? Is it to allow entry to a building or site? To differentiate an employee or group member from non-employees/group members? Or, to prove someone’s identity? Whether crafting a blank invitation card or business card, take this step seriously.

2. Note All Essential Details you Need Include in the Blank Card

Along with planning, list down all the important details you need to incorporate in your card. If you are to create a blank identification card, most likely it comprises details like the complete name of the person, ID numbers, job position titles, names of departments, etc. Just a tip, obtain these pieces of information beforehand to provide an easy way of making your ID cards.

3. Incorporate a Photo or Logo

When you are to create a blank ID card, it is best to attach a photo. Make sure to pick a formal and decent photo. Or, you may include a company logo on it. It is a way to easily identify a person or a purpose. Incorporating these elements properly will help you achieve a professional card.

4. Choose an Editable and Printable Blank Card Template

Are you running out of time to make your own concept on how to design your card? Well, got your back. Check out the samples provided on this website and download one that suits your needs. Do not forget to edit and customize to add some of your personal touches in Apple Pages.

5. Recheck your Work

Before deciding to print your final blank card, be mindful of the areas that need improvement. Verify each detail. Check the spellings especially the name and details that contain numbers. If you are creating a blank greeting card or invitation card, check the sentence structures and grammars. It would help to let a friend or someone whom you can trust to read and critic your work.

6. Print with Quality

After you have done all the card-making process, you may now print your cards. It is highly suggested to print it with durable and affordable paper stock or cardstock.

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