How to Create Comment Cards in Adobe Photoshop

For a restaurant, a hotel, and other businesses, comment cards are helpful to them to get to know their customers' and clients' thoughts about their services and products. These also function like surveys because you collect data based on the opinions of your customers. These can measure customer satisfaction and cover the areas and factors that should be improved in your business.

If you want to know how your customers think about your business's services and products, here are some steps to follow:

1. Start Your Work with Adobe Photoshop

This software is not only good for making a greeting card or a business card, and other things, you can also make your comment cards here.

2. Make it Clear and Comprehensible

The most important thing is to keep it simple. Do not use words and jargon that your customers will have a hard time understanding. Keep your comment cards comprehensible.

3. Write Your Company Details

When writing your comment cards, don't forget to include the name and the logo of your business on top. This will guide your customers to whom they are giving their comments.

4. Brief Introduction

Although some comment cards go straight to the choices, you have the freedom to add a short introduction. You can briefly say, "We want to know your thoughts about our services…." Make sure to keep a courteous tone. Do not use a tone that forces your customers and clients to give their comments. You can give an atmosphere that you are requesting them to answer your cards.

5. Give Them Choices if Possible

It is important to give your guest or customer rating scales to choose from. For instance, you are asking your customers about their opinion about the food that they ordered, you can give them a rating scale that says, "Good, Excellent, and Needs Improvement." This won't just give your customers an easy time, but it can also give you an easier time with your analysis.

6. Comments and Suggestions Section

The rating scale is only giving your customers and clients limited opinions. So, if you want to dive more into their minds and thoughts, you can introduce this section. However, you can't expect to get all the positive feedback from them. Sometimes, this section becomes a ranting space for your customers, especially if they weren't satisfied with your services.

7. Customer Information

This part is sometimes confusing. For example, you want to know who the comment cards are from, so you would have to ask for your customers' or clients' name and address. Asking their names and addresses will help you send them a note that you have already fixed a problem that these people encountered in your business. However, there is also a problem. Sometimes customers want to remain anonymous. That is why if you would ask for their personal details, there would be a possibility that they would throw your card away. Either way, it's up to you to include customer information or not. Choose what is convenient for you.

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