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How To Make DL Card In Adobe Illustrator

If you are getting into the game of the marketing world, the effectivity of your advertising strategy is your top edge. DL card is one of the perfect advertising materials that you can use. A DL card is handy in nature. Like a normal flyer or a brochure, a DL card is meant to cater to a large number of market audiences. The term DL means "dimension lengthwise." It refers to the actual size of the paper, which is 99mm x 210mm – exactly one-third of A4.

Anyway, if you are in for having DL Card as your tool on promoting your business or product, we have here some tips on how you can start creating your own card.

1. Determine your audience.

The main purpose of having advertising material such as DL Card is for you to convey the information that you want to deliver to your specific audience. Know first the demographics of the audience that will most likely to respond to your material. The information you've gathered will help you, especially on the design elements that you want to instill to your layout like the texts and images.

2. Select the best format.

There are many different types of DL formats that you can choose to have to. Select the best DL card format that you want to use. You can have the usual normal type, bi-fold, DL gatefold card, etc. Take note also that the usual use of the DL card is to be displayed on a card rack. Nevertheless, selecting the right card format can help you properly sketch and layout the necessary data that you want to include in your card.

3. Organize your content.

According to a published article by, it suggests that you need to write your leaflet from the point of view of your reader. You have to take note your information is the very soul of your DL Card. Organize the information from "what is your service about," up to "how can we avail from your service." For example, if you wish to have a catering service DL card make sure that your audiences can get the necessary FAQ about your service. You have to organize the information from the greatest down to least.

4. Review and proofread.

Don't be too complacent. Don't leave everything without reviewing your content. Your goal is not to mislead your potential audiences. Check on the technicalities of your content, such as word usage, grammar, and proper punctuation. You also have to make sure that the flow of your content is coherent and orderly presented.

5. Use Adobe Illustrator.

If you've finally decided to craft your card digitally, make sure to check on the best tool that you can use. In this case, Adobe Illustrator is the software that can help you. Illustrator offers you a wide variety of advanced design tools that you can use in your design layout.

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