How to Create Holiday Cards in Apple Pages

There are different holidays in a year. The most common ones are New Year, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. For the longest time, it is a practice for people like us to greet our loved ones and friends during the holidays or on special occasions. If you are using Apple Pages to make your holiday cards, here are a few tips on what you may add to make your card meaningful.

1. Identify Your Purpose of Sending a Card

You need to know the purpose of sending a holiday card to a recipient. Is it for your family and friends? Or is it related to your business? Take time to know and ensure the contact details of your recipients. If it is a business-related transaction, formalize your card design as well as your content. Don't mention anything related to work; a simple greeting will do. If you are sending it to your close relatives and friends, don't be too formal with your message. What's important is to give meaningful content.

2. Choose Your Card Size and Orientation

Your card's design shall depend on your card size and card orientation. Do you prefer to have a printable card design that has a fold or do you prefer a no fold? You can have your card in portrait orientation or landscape orientation. Portrait mode is useful if your design uses objects and people, while landscape mode is preferable if you are using sceneries as a design for your card.

3. Write Your Card's Content

To start your conversation, extend your warm holiday greetings and make them feel special. You may write a short Holiday card saying that suits the event like a "Merry Christmas" or a "Happy Independence Day." If you are close to the recipient, you can write a personalized Holiday card message. If it is business-related, you can also send them with a company greeting card. Make it cheerful and meaningful, show your gratitude and appreciation to the person, and be mindful of the words you choose. You can even use a few Holiday quotes to capture the magic of the season, then finally, add your signature at the end of your holiday greetings.

4. Design Your Card

Be professional and be creative with your designs. If it is a Christmas holiday card, you can make use of blue and white background design. Watercolor is an excellent medium to use on personal holiday cards for your friends and families. But, if you plan to send out business holiday card messages for your boss or employees, it is best to use professional designs. Here at, we have a variety of designs you can choose for your holiday cards.

5. Send Your Holiday Card

It is essential to send the appropriate card on the right holiday. Sending cards personally are highly appreciated. But, when you deliver a printable greeting card, the chances of it arriving on its destination may take a couple of weeks. If you work on a firm and plan to extend your greetings to a distant friend or to a colleague using a holiday card, it is best to send it in advance to reach the holidays on time.

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