Are you trying to come up with a professional look to use as a membership card for a club or organization? Have you been looking for a beautifully designed greeting card to give as a “thank you” to your friend? With our diverse collection of ready-made printable templates, we’ve got you covered! Each template we have up for grabs is available to download as a PSD file that’s compatible with Adobe Illustrator for your convenience. They're easily editable to help you save time and effort and every design comes with CMYK colors and 300 DPI resolution. So download now and get those cards looking spiffy!

How to Make a Card in Adobe Illustrator

With the use of Adobe Illustrator and our catalog of varied design templates, creating a greeting card or membership card can be done fast and easy! If you need some form of guidance in doing so, then the following steps are here to help you:

1. Register for a Subscription to Adobe Illustrator

If you don't have Adobe Illustrator installed just yet, then just head over to Adobe’s online store at their website and make the purchase. Once you get there, make your choice from the different monthly fee rates that they have available. Their subscription plans vary depending on school, business, and personal use.

But you’re probably wondering why you should settle for Illustrator when there’s an array of software out there from other publishers to pick from. Well, as a leading veteran in the industry, Adobe has been improving on and releasing high-quality products to its consumers for over thirty years now. So, you can be assured that your money is well spent on efficient and reliable software that’s been developed and upgraded with each new version. Install it and enjoy all the tools and features needed to make the perfect card!

2. Install Adobe Illustrator and Get Familiar

When you’re done choosing a subscription plan for Illustrator and have it installed on your computer, you can now run it and see what it has to offer. If you’re someone who probably doesn’t have any prior experience in using programs for art and design, then it’s understandable to feel intimidated when skimming through Illustrator's user interface. But, all it really takes is having a closer look at what the different tools and features can do to get comfortable enough for editing your card templates.

3. Peruse Our Selection to Find an Appropriate Design

Do you feel confident enough with Adobe Illustrator yet? If you are, then next is to go through our line of ready-made printable templates and to decide on which design best suits your preferences. Whether you’re putting together a VIP card for your most premium of members or composing an invitation for your partner’s birthday party, you'll definitely find it in our wide selection of templates!

4. Download Your Design of Choice and Get to Work

Once you’ve decided on the template to use and have the file downloaded, then it’s time to start editing it in Adobe Illustrator. Each template we have available comes with placeholder text and pre-rendered graphic designs that you can freely alter however you need to, and Illustrator lets you do all that with ease. Just be sure to fully understand how you can edit the page layout or mess with the design before making any sort of attempt.

5. Save It and Print

Did you make all the changes you need to? If so, then don’t forget to save your work so that you can use it in the future. Once that's done, you may now start printing your card. By taking advantage of Adobe Illustrator and our ready-made printable templates, creating any type of card is a breeze!

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