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How to Make a Professional Card in MS Word?

All people encounter cards in all aspects of their lives— that includes the business facet. When you go to different offices, you see business cards, appointment cards, and comment cards. When you are part of the company, they give you invitation cards, thank-you cards, membership cards, and ID cards. All of them are cards, but they all function differently. Cards are everywhere since the size makes it convenient and straightforward to relay a short message and a simple purpose. If you need to make one, here are some steps in creating a professional card in MS Word.

1. Know the Purpose of the Card

The only thing that you can be sure of, at the moment, is that you are making a professional card. So, you need to specify which type it is that you need to make. Know the functions of the different kinds of cards to avoid confusion and refer to it in the process of making. You can be making one for a business card or an appointment card. Business cards are for the company's contact information, while appointment cards are for the customer's future consultation. It may not be one of those two, but all you need to do is know what you are aiming for and let it reflect on the card.

2. Determine the Type of Business

As it is a professional card, there is, most likely, a corresponding business behind the company. That business also affects the content and design of the card. So, determine which one it is. It can be for a restaurant, interior design, rent-a-car, real estate, and any other enterprise. You can also use these cards for a personal or a one-person business, like a make-up artist, graphic designer, tailor, and any job that one man/woman can operate.

3. Decide a Compelling Concept

Professional cards, also, have their very own style and design that shows its formality. Although minimal, you can still make use of beautiful and elegant designs to show a modern concept. This concept is, currently, popular. So, you can make use of it for the company to be on par with the new generation.

4. Design the Professional Card

To start designing, open a blank file in your Microsoft Word. Then, resize it to the appropriate card paper size. Following the planned concept, design the professional card depending on the whole purpose of the card. If it is a design-centered card, like thank you cards and invitation cards, you need to incorporate designs that show relevance to the reason for appreciation and invitation. If it is for a Christmas invitation, you may include Christmas illustrations in the background. It all depends on the function of the card. If it is more into the business side of the card, you can put the company letterhead for a more formal approach. You also need to include the company name and logo for recognition.

5. Insert the Needed Details

Different cards entail different necessary information. That is the reason why you need to know the purpose first so that you would know what the content of the card should be composed of. You can refer to some samples online to know what you should write. You may, also, download ready-made templates on for convenience. After inserting the appropriate information, save the file and print it! You can, finally, use the cards!

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