What Is A Rack Card?

A rack card is a commercial advertising document commonly found in various stores, restaurants, crowded landmarks, hotels, and other public locations. In general, it shows and promotes the products and services of a business or company.

How To Make A Rack Card?

There are a lot of marketing and promotion strategies you can apply to promote the products and services of your business. Each of them is effective if executed just right. However, the strategy we encourage you to apply is the use of rack cards. Why? Rack cards are easier and cheaper to produce compared to other promotional materials. Plus they're posted in public places, which means there is a good chance that the market will know about your products and services. With all of that in mind, you should start creating rack cards. We will help you with that by sharing with you our guide below.

1. Download A Rack Card Template From Our Site

Rack cards are quite sophisticated to create from scratch, and also time-consuming. To avoid that situation, we advise that you take advantage of our Rack Card Templates. All of them have a creative, professional, and modern pre-made design that meets the standards of today's marketing materials. Whether your business is product-oriented or service-oriented, we have a Rack Card Template fit with your needs. You may also customize the pre-made designs of these templates in various editing programs if necessary.

2. Feature Photographs Of Your Products And Services

Your downloaded rack card template may already have a featured photograph, but it's likely not relevant to your business. So what you must do is to replace it with those showing your products and services. For example, if your business is a hair salon or business salon, the best photographs to feature are models with elegant hairstyles and well-groomed fingernails and toenails. If your business is a coffee shop, picturesque images of your coffee menu products are a must. And if your business focuses on real estate, photos of your properties-for-sale such as apartments and condos would be best.

3. Provide Complete Information About Your Offers

Keep in mind that rack cards are also informational documents. Since your rack card will feature your products and services, it must have complete information about them. That includes their pricing, unique features, benefits, and components. You must convey them in a promotional and enticing tone, just like brochures and flyers.

4. Include The Contact Details Of Your Business

If your business is service-oriented, such as a medical clinic, a law firm, a catering company, and an event organizing group, it's important to provide complete contact details of your business. That includes its contact number, location address, email address, and social media pages. With your business's contact details found on your rack cards, it'll be easier for potential clients to inquire and book for your services. For instance, if you're a medical professional with a clinic, prospective patients can conveniently contact your clinic to schedule an appointment for a check-up. The same principle applies if you're a wedding photographer with a photography studio or an event organizer who organizes corporate events and music festivals.

5. Don't Forget Your Business Logo And Name

The logo and name of your business are its two components that establish the branding of all your products and services. With that in mind, you must not forget to attach them to your rack card. You should place them at the upper part of your rack card, serving as an introduction.

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