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What is a Rack Card?

A rack card is a document distributed by businesses in stores, clinics, theme parks, attractions, restaurants, hotels, and other locations in order to commercially advertise their company's or business' products and services. Rack cards are potential sources for reaching customers. Given that other businesses are also advertising using rack cards in the same location as yours, your rack card should stand out to grab customer's attention.

How to Make a Presentable Rack Cards in Microsoft Word

1. Make It Stand Out

On a single location of your business rack card, there are possible other businesses who have their flyers beside yours. Your goal is to make the people grab your rack card instead of the others in the line. Your rack card should have an impressive design. Use eye-catching colors and fonts. Use bold letters to get more attention. Provide high-quality images. Try adding phrases that will stir interest just be creative. Although there may be a lot of designs going on, don't forget to keep it professional.

2. Focus on Your Content

What are the benefits your customer will get if they will buy your product or pay for your services? You can't fit all the services and the benefits of your product or services in just one paper. You may just list down the special features of your business. You can include sales, discounts, or other offers which will surely entice your customers. According to Nationwide Leaflet Distribution, "71% of consumers believe that free samples, coupons, and offers are useful for finding a service to suit their needs." Regardless of who your targetted customers will be, don't forget to keep your words simple. Although your words are simple, make sure that your audience can't say no to the offers and promotions of your products.

3. How Will The Customers Reach You?

Never forget how customers can avail of your services. Place your business name, website, business location, and contact number. on your creative or simple rack card. You can start creating your rack card in Word or you can also download templates online to edit on other programs as well.

4. Print

Mostly, the standard size of a rack card is 4 by 9 inches in size and sport high-impact graphic design. Make sure to use high-quality papers. You can print on printing services or in print shops. Decide on how many copies you would want to give away.

5. Distribution of Rack Cards

Focus on your target audience. Who are you going to market? Who will buy or use your products and services? You can make use of medical businesses, malls, hotels, or any location that has a lot of people. Display your rack where your target customers are possibly going into. If your business is about spas, you can place your rack cards in hotels or tourist spots where you can easily reach customers. If your product is a medicine, you can place your modern rack cards in clinics or pharmacies. You can also use home care rack, vacation rental rack, bakeries, massage services, and more depending on who are the audiences you are going to market.