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How to Create a Simple Card in Word?

Cards are more than just rectangular pieces of thick paper inscribed with words that sometimes, we could not tell in person. Cards bear a great significance not only in the field of business but also in our personal lives. Companies value the importance of business cards as they're used for establishing business legitimacy, building professional relationships, and creating a brand image. On the other hand, individuals send out greeting cards to wish someone well or to convey a message to another individual. Other examples of cards are identification card, comment card, thank you card, and appointment card. In this short guide, we have provided you five easy ways to design a simple card for whichever purpose it may serve you.

1. Specify Its Purpose

There is a specific card for a specific purpose. Therefore, before you kick-start your card-making process, you first have to specify the purpose of the card you’re going to make. If your objective is to promote your business, then you can make tent cards, rack cards, or business cards. On the other hand, if you want to request someone’s presence on your wedding day or birthday, then you should start creating invitation cards.

2. Use Microsoft Word

To those who are not well-versed in graphic design, Microsoft Word is the right program for you. Although this program is typically used to create documents, it features multiple tools that would help users design a creative card. In Microsft Word, there are built-in card templates you can make use of if you don’t want to start from scratch.

3. Choose an Appropriate Size

After launching the program, choose the most suitable size for your card design. The dimensions of a card vary, depending on its type. The standard size for a corporate business card is 3.5 inches x 2 inches, 4 inches x 9 inches for a rack card, and 5.8 inches x 4.1 inches for a postcard. For a greeting card and invitation card, you can use whichever size you prefer as long as it is printable in available paper sizes. Greeting cards (e.g., Christmas, Valentines’, and farewell greeting card) and invitation cards follow no standard size, as long as it is printable in available paper sizes.

4. Select Colors

Colors are not just for visuals; they also represent something and help convey emotions. In choosing a color scheme, make sure it best fits your cards’ purpose. For example, if you are creating a card for the holidays, you may make use of festive colors. Adding a watercolor art in your design will also make your card appear elegant and beautiful. However, if your card is for business purposes, you have to limit your color choices to three.

5. Fill in With Desired Details

To make your card look presentable and visually attractive, you should choose the right fonts you will use in your design. You can look for and use edtiable card templates if you want to make this process slightly easier. Make sure that the font style you choose is legible in both digital and print media. After choosing the fonts, fill in your card with text—it could be a short message for someone special or necessary information about your business or company. In this step, you have to remember the reason why you create the card for it to serve its purpose after printing.

6. Print

Finalize your design and see to it that the content is error-free. Lastly, save the document and print it on a high-quality paper stock or card stock.

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