Carpenter Job Description Templates

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What Is a Carpenter Job Description?

A carpenter job description contains a list of job responsibilities and tasks that are specific to a carpenter. This is a guide for applicants on how to proceed in applying for the job. Its other contents include details on the employer, benefits of the job, and requirements needed during application. Finally, contact details such as landline number/phone number, email address, and address of the hiring manager are added as well so that applicants can know where to send their resume and cover letter.

How to Construct a Carpenter Job Description

According to Statista, there were about 718,730 carpenters active in the United States in the year 2018, which means drawing one for the job is not improbable. But to get the attention of the best carpenters out there, you will need to make your job description written well and with the appeal. To get started, continue reading and follow these tips.

1. Specify the Job Requirements

When making your job description, use specific choices of words to ensure that you are clear on the type of carpenter you are looking to hire. List out the skills you are looking for like woodworking, construction, and furniture making, for example. Use proper job titles for the applicant to know if they are qualified as well. To give an idea, suppose you need a carpenter to act as a manager for a team, then use the job title "Lead Carpenter" in your job description.

2. Set the Responsibilities

In order to draw some of the best carpenters, it will help if you include the technical skills in the job description too. List out the objectives and day-to-day responsibilities that are expected of the employee to do. Write them in a clear and concise manner so that the reader won't just skim through. Write the job description specifically rather than generally so that the right kind of applicant will show up. For example, if you are just looking to hire an apprentice carpenter, list out responsibilities that one can perfectly handle. 

3. Give Instructions for the Application Process

Near the end of your job description, in order to make the application process as smooth sailing as possible, give instructions to your readers on how to contact the employer. These include the email address, landline number, and the address of the hiring staff's office. Don't forget to inform the applicants to bring relevant documents such as cover letters, resumes, and their carpenter's certificate as a requirement as well.

4. Proofread the Job Description

After you are done, take the time to check the final draft of your job description for any mistakes and typos. These could turn off your applicants and risk your chances of getting a great carpenter. Check if the job description is easy to read and has a good flow, and revise it if it doesn't. Ask a coworker to check on the job description to see if it is good to go.