Catholic Brochure Templates

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What is a Catholic Brochure?

A Catholic brochure is a printed and folded promotional tool that the Catholic church and its ministry use to reach out to people. Most of the time, this is used to encourage people to participate in various church activities or to promote products of their Catholic store.

How to Make a Catholic Brochure?

Whether it's promoting products, recruiting members, or gathering participants, the instructions below will provide you with all the information you need to make effective Catholic brochures. Simply follow these instructions and you'll get the job done in no time.

1. Determine the purpose

Since you're planning to pull off a religious-themed advertising brochure, you might need to specify the purpose behind it to deliver your message effectively. Are you planning on using it to recruit or welcome club members or for encouraging people to hold their child's baptism at your parish? Aside from these examples given, there are many other reasons for you to make and use Catholic brochures.

2. Identify a specific target audience

Your target audience will often depend on the purpose of your brochures, or it may also be the other way around. For example, if you're brochures are intended to invite people to participate in a Church camp, then your target market will most likely be teenagers or young adults from Catholic schools. By identifying a target audience, you can also tailor your sample brochure's content and design according to what's appropriate.

3. Write a draft of the brochure's content

By using a pen and paper or a separate document, you can start constructing the content of your marketing brochure. You can start by writing down keywords that are relevant to your message and then converting that information in narrative form. Also, you can write as much information as you want since this is still a draft, make sure to keep it relevant and appropriate.

4. Choose a type of brochure

As mentioned earlier, brochures are advertising materials that are folded and these folds vary according to type. There is the bi-fold type that consists of a fold in the middle and two panels, and there is also the tri-fold type that has consists of three panels with equal widths. There are still other types of creative brochures available, choose one that you think is capable of delivering your message effectively.

5. Proofread the written content

Whether your brochure is for business or recruitment purposes, it will always be a must to proofread your work after adding the content. In fact, some might even say that you should proofread it while adding the content. Focus on the content itself, check for errors in either the grammar or spelling, and decide whether the message is constructed well.

6. Print and send out copies of your brochures

If you think your content is already capable of convincing the reader to engage or to respond to your message, then you can start printing them on high-quality paper stock. If you choose to have your brochures printed by printing companies, be sure to save it in a file format that's easily shareable and fully versatile, preferably PDF.