Event ceremonies are in different types—wedding, graduation, housewarming, engagement, naming, and more. But they all have one thing in common—invitations. Using invitation cards is the most convenient way to invite all your desired guests. With that, we present to you our beautifully made Ceremony Invitation Templates that you can access anytime. They come with preformatted designs, layouts, and sample text that are easily customizable in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. All our invitation templates are also print-ready in 5×7 inches + bleed sizes. Invite your event guests effortlessly to your event and make them feel special by downloading our well-made templates now!

How to Make a Ceremony Invitation in Adobe Illustrator

Inviting guests to your ceremony need not be that stressful as long as you have an enticing invitation material to assist you. Below are tips on how to make a ceremony invitation.

1. Identify the Purpose

Start your ceremony invitation-making process by identifying its purpose. Are you making invitation cards for a wedding ceremony? Or a friend's engagement party? Or your sister's baby naming party? Whatever is the use of your sample invitation, you must know it beforehand so that you can prepare all the needed details to input. Doing this also enables you to have creative ideas on what to design on your ceremony invitation cards that will be relevant to the event.

2. Design the Invitations

After you have figured out what your invitation is for, it is now time to design it. In doing so, you can make use of Adobe Illustrator—one of the most trusted editing software by professionals. AI offers you an extensive collection of graphic design feature tabs that you can access anytime. Simply open a blank document in Illustrator and start incorporating designs, artworks, and illustrations into your event invitation card that reflects the theme of your event ceremony using its editing tools.

3. Insert the Text

Once you finish adding the visual elements for your ceremony invitation, the next thing that you need to do is to insert the necessary information. And, just like its designs, your content must also be relevant to your purpose. If you are going to make a wedding invitation card, make sure to put the name of the bride and groom, the date and time of the wedding, wedding venue, reception venue, and a short, engaging statement like "We're getting hitched!" It would also be useful to include RSVP details as it is one of the basic elements of an invitation, based on an article from the UCLA Events Office.

4. Choose a Card Stock

The appearance of your ceremony invitation card does not only depend on its visual and content font styles but also to the card stock used for printing it. That is why you need to make use of excellent card stock upon producing copies of your professional invitation card. There is a lot of card stock available for invitation cards that you can use—cotton fiber, linen finish, glassine, vellum, pearlescent, and many more. Select the card stock that you think will present your ceremony invitation card the way you want it to look.

5. Send the Invitations

The final step for your invitation-making process is to send out copies of your ceremony invitation cards. There are two types of distributing your elegant invitation cards—direct mail and online. If you want to send out printed copies through direct mail, make sure to enclose each invitation card in attractive and well-made envelopes. However, if you wish to give out invitations more conveniently, you can always send them out via e-mail. Just make sure that you mail them to the right people.

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