Wedding, housewarming, graduation, engagement, shop opening—these are all important ceremonies that you'll want to celebrate with your loved ones. Sharing important milestones is part of life. To make sure your loved ones know when and where to celebrate with you, you need an amazing invitation. Our ready-made Ceremony Invitation Templates are here to help ensure that you create unique and aesthetically pleasing invitations with just a few clicks of a button. Available in Apple Pages and other file formats, our templates are complete with original artworks, creative designs, and user-friendly features that will surely help you out. Get our editable templates today and be ceremony-ready in no time!

How to Create a Ceremony Invitation in Apple Pages

Ceremonies are not only important events in a person's life, but it is also a significant factor in the economy. According to a report by IBISWorld, the wedding industry, which includes wedding, ceremony, and reception expenses, reached $72 billion in revenue in 2016. Ceremonies rack up a lot of expenses, and one of those is for invitations. If you want to save a few bucks by DIY-ing your ceremony invitations using Apple Pages, we have some tips and tricks for you below.

1. Identify Your Visual Style

The visual style for your invitation affects its color scheme, illustrations, and typography. Although it can be intimidating to choose what style or theme to use, it can help you make your designing process run smoothly. A tip is to choose a style that suits the type of event/ceremony. For example, for a baby shower ceremony, the best visual style to use is cuddly and pastel.

2. Understand Color Theory

Color theory is an essential aspect of design; it allows you to determine which color best complements the other. Moreover, through color theory, you can express the feels that you're going for or the mood of the event. Be intentional with the colors you use in your invitation, and it can make a huge difference with the results.

3. Use Theme-Appropriate Fonts Only

Just like colors, don't just use font styles without minding how it complements the overall appearance of your invitation. Use font styles that are appropriate with your theme or ceremony. For example, most wedding invitations use intricate and cursive fonts because it helps exude the elegance of the event and make the wording suit the vibe of the invitation.

4. Print Out Samples

Printing out samples of your first draft allows you to pinpoint aspects that you may want to remove or change. Moreover, it also helps you determine what type of material will have the best turnout for your designs.

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