A lot of people are hard-working and are outstanding in their fields. That's why companies, communities, schools, and organizations give these people the recognition they deserve. They give them certificates of excellence. If you have to give one as well, you can download from our first-rate collection of Ready-Made Certificate of Excellence Templates in Adobe Illustrator. These templates are 100% customizable and are printable, too. These are available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. These are also beautifully and professionally designed to make your certificates presentable. Download these templates now and make people happy and proud to make them strive harder in the future!

How to Make a Certificate of Excellence in Illustrator

Everyone might be doing their best about something, but there are a few people who will excel. That's why schools, companies, and organizations show their appreciation to these people by giving out certificates. Studies show that when companies appreciate their employees, the employees are going to be more engaged and loyal to the company. For that, we have prepared steps that can help you in making basic certificates of excellence for your recipients to make them more loyal and engaged:

1. Company Logo and Company Name

As part of your branding, you have to put your company logo and your company name on the certificate. This way, people can easily distinguish who the certificate is from.

2. The Title of the Certificate

You have to place the title on the printable certificate. This way, the recipient knows what the certificate is about. Make sure that it's in boldface and so that it's more visible.

3. Put the Name of the Recipient

Place the complete name of the employee, student, teacher, doctor, or whoever the person who's going to receive the certificate. You can make it bigger or make every letter in a capital letter.

4. Write the Description of the Certificate

A certificate needs to have a description of what it is about. Explain in concise sentences why the person deserves the excellence certificate in the first place.

5. Design the Certificate

An editable certificate doesn't have to look plain. You can add a border, a vector image, a theme vector, or a watermark to make it look more attractive.

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