How to Create a Certificate of Excellence in Apple Pages

Certificates are a great way to motivate people to work hard and give their all in a particular field. For the recipient, it will make them feel that their hard work paid off and was not overlooked by their superiors, instructors, or whoever is above them. If you're planning on creating one and you prefer to use Apple Pages to do it, we've laid out a list of tips below to help you out.

1. Ponder on How to Design and Present Your Certificate

There is a certain look that you want your simple certificate to have. Create a draft first on how you want your certificate to look and decide on what type of paper to use. To make drafting easier, we strongly recommend using a pencil so you can erase and change the design as many times as you want.

2. Choose the Appropriate Typography

Certificates should make use of decorative fonts that contribute to the overall look of the document. Experiment with different fonts and decide which one looks best with your certificate. You're actually allowed to use more than just one for as long as you don't go beyond three fonts.

3. Use Borders and Other Decorative Elements

You might have noticed that modern certificates typically come with borders and decorative graphics. These elements contribute to the overall look and presentability of your certificate. Choose appropriate borders and elements for your certificate to achieve that formal yet stylish appeal.

4. Get the Names Right

Since certificates are given to a specific person or entity, it's important that you get their names right to avoid disappointment or embarrassment. Aside from the recipient, the names of the representatives issuing the printable certificate should also be spelled correctly.

5. Use a Special Type of Paper

Certificates are not printed on any regular paper, a special type of stationery is used for printing them. You can either use parchment paper or linen paper, just make sure to invest in high-quality one to bring out the best features of your certificate of excellence.

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