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A person who has shown excellence in school or at the workplace deserves some form of honor or acknowledgement for his positive contributions. Award Certificates are more than just pieces of paper that will soon be left forgotten: they are a testament to the quality that a person has put in his work. Whether presented to a group or individual in school, at the workplace, or for any other reason, awards and achievements serve as positive reinforcement, and are thus considered motivators to continue a level of excellence already expected from a person.

Companies and institutions understand that people should be critiqued, but negative feedback will only allow a person to feel downtrodden and out of sorts. On the other hand, positive feedback in the form of acknowledgements, appreciations, or awards will urge them to continue growing at school or at work.

Of course, not all awards need a carved trophy. In fact, many institutions give award certificates to let their students or employees know that the hard work they put in have been appreciated greatly. Printable award certificates are very inexpensive, but they mean a lot to the individuals who receive merit for them. Not only do they boost a person’s morale, they also help improve the level of commitment that a person has for a company or institution as they grow proud of the work they have done. Individuals who are happy about the recognition they receive are more likely to keep working to improve themselves and grow academically or professionally.

There is no specific template to follow in making award certificates. In fact, each company or institution are likely to get creative and opt to design their own. Most, if  not all certificates, however, tend to have similar information in them, including emblems and logos, official statement regarding a person’s award or achievement, and even some other statement of appreciation for the person receiving the certificates. has a massive template library that has a wide variety of ready made award certificate templates that are available for use, there is definitely a certificate template that will fit your taste and style. Easily downloadable in different formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator, there is sure to be a template that is made compatible with your computer software. Each downloadable file comes with high-quality photos and graphics, plus beautiful text and overall premium design to pair them with to create an editable design. Thanks to these highly customizable templates, you can definitely make the most of your downloads with beautiful certificates made available for your office or commercial printers.

Have a look at our extensive template library and feel free to pick the perfect certificate template to download now.