Award Certificate Indesign Templates

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Award Certificates are important documents that boost the morale of the individual being presented with them, whether they're students, athletes, or company employees. That's the reson why it's important that you award a certificate to the person who is worthy of the achievement. If you are looking for high-quality certificate templates that would do the job for you, then you've come to the right site! Our certificate templates offer a wide range of customizable features that are essential for your layout. Also, our templates can be accessed through editing formats such as Adobe InDesign. We guarantee you all our templates are editable, printable, and downloadable for your use. Hurry! Make use of high-quality award certificates by downloading one today!

How To Create An Award Certificate In Adobe InDesign

As explained, an award certificate is used to recognize one's achievements and used to boost one's morale. They encourage recipients to stretch their efforts and performances. If you're tasked with crafting one from scratch, it may take much of your time and effort. There's no need to worry, as we've included a series of certificate templates that are guaranteed ready-made and high-quality for your use. Moreover, we've also included a how-to guide on how you can creatively formulate your own certificate. Feel free to refer below!

1. Choose And Open Adobe InDesign

In picking the best editing software for your layout use, you need to consider its built-in features that would supply your layout needs. In crafting your desired award certificate, we highly suggest that you choose Adobe InDesign. Adobe InDesign offers a high-end editing tool that's quite useful for your certificate actualization. It's fast and easy for you to use, so there's no need for you to sweat out during your layout process. Moreover, when you pick our available certificate templates, all of them can also be accessed with the InDesign file format.

2. Identify The Purpose Of Your Certificate

Before the actual formulation of your desired certificate, you need to recognize first your purpose of creating one. An award certificate may vary depending on its use, such as for service, reward, achievement, appreciation, student, or employee awards. 

3. Determine The Certificate Size

There are different standard sizes for certificates; make sure that you pick the right size for your use. Carefully select the right size for your certificate, for it will determine the amount of content and design elements that you opt to integrate into your layout. Additionally, our available templates offer a standard (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed size.

4. Lay Out Your Award Certificate

When you've already determined your certificate size and your program application, it's time to formulate your certificate's layout.  Make use of high-quality design objects, typography, and images. If you opt to have a certificate award for your company or business, it's highly suggested that you make use of your brand scheme to integrate marketing awareness. As much as possible, assimilate creativity into your layout. 

5. Insert The Specific Title

This is the most vital part of a certificate. Indicate the title, name of the awardee, the date, and award description. In writing the award description, avoid using wordy sentences. Additionally, make use of clear-bold typography to emphasize the award that is given.  

6. Produce a Copy of Your Certificate Award

In your production stage, you have to ensure the best quality for your certificate. Choose the right paper quality for your certificate printing. It would be best if you use card stock, specifically parchment paper, for this is the commonly used paper for certificates. Then, decide on whether you want to print your certificate in your office printer or with a commercial print shop.