How to Create Basic Certificates in Adobe InDesign

A certificate is so much more than a piece of paper. It serves as a depiction of all the hard work, sweat, and effort that you poured into an endeavor. A basic certificate can be awarded for many things like graduations, project completion, and even service completion.

Getting certified can either help you prove your achievements or to show that you're qualified to take on a specific task or role. If you continue to scroll down below, we enumerated five steps for you to follow so that you can create a certificate that you need for your school or work with the help of Adobe InDesign. Make sure that you read and comprehend each step well because this is one the key you need to create a successful one. Check them out now!

1. Use Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is quite popular with this generation nowadays. Just in case you don't have any idea what this app is all about, well, Adobe InDesign is an editing software used by famous graphic designers around the world. It has features you need to create a basic certificate. Plus, it is accessible on computers or other online devices. When in doubt, don't hesitate to use Adobe InDesign as your editing tool.

2. Identify the Certificate you Need

There are many types of certificates. The types vary from award certificate, achievement certificate, attendance certificate, diploma certificate, bachelor degree certificate, training certificate, EMT certification, and a lot more. Present the certificates matching to its reason and occasion. Knowing what type of certificate you need will greatly help you in making one.

3. Select the Right Template

The quickest way to create an outline is to download a template online. As you can see above, we offer you a lot of customizable and printable certificate templates to choose from so that you can save more time designing from a blank canvass. Click one or as many you like as long as it relates to the theme of the event.

4. Edit According to Your Needs

The certificate template you downloaded is just a guideline since most of them are easily editable. Change all required information such as logo, color scheme, name, address, and signers. Do not be scared to edit according to your preferences, however, see to it that you don't overcomplicate the design and the layout. Just make an appealing and simple certificate. As long as you're using Adobe InDesign, designing or editing a template will be easy as pie.

5. Print and Distribute

Before you print everything, make sure you scrutinize a sample first. Colors can come out brighter or duller, depending on the stuff you use to print on. Printing sample copies will enable you to see how the colors on paper interact. Additionally, you can also revise the small changes before printing the finalized set of the modern certificate. Once done, distribute it to the most deserving recipients!

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