How to Create a Completion Certificate in InDesign

A completion certificate is an official document that attests and verifies a particular level of education or an award to someone who completes the necessary standards or requirements of his/her course. This certification serves as a legal document that certifies someone of his degree and is given or awarded usually during graduation.

In school, both in high school and college, this type of certificate is used to attest the completion of training during the student’s on-the-job training (OJT) or internship. It further verifies that the student has met the necessary requirements of his course or degree, and therefore, he/she will be given a completion certificate.

A completion certificate in business bears the same kind of denotation but in a different manner. This document is awarded for the construction of a particular building right after the real estate agent inspected the said project. The award will be given to someone if the project meets the standards set by the local development authority or municipal corporation.

Whether the certificate is to be used in school or in the construction of the building, we all have what you need to give them the best professionally made completion certificates. You don’t have to stress yourself out in creating your own template. By using our fully customizable and easily editable completion certificate templates that are available in Adobe InDesign, it will definitely save your time from worries. Simply follow these easy steps, then you’re all set!

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2. It’s Quick and Saves You from Stress

Our templates are all 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. After you download the best completion certificate templates you need, you only have to change the details like the name, address, date, and other relevant information.

These printable completion certificates are made ready for you to save from stress in starting from scratch. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy!

3. Available in InDesign

These completion certificates are available only in Adobe InDesign. However, we have other templates made available for you in any file formats in almost 600 editable certificate templates. Made available are also the certificate of appreciation, the certificate of compliance, an award certificate, a certificate of achievement, and other printable certificates you might need for your school or business.

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4. Repeat and Review

If you are not satisfied with the certificate templates you already have downloaded, you can always go back online and download for other templates.

If you are done with editing, review your work and provide necessary corrections. Check the date, the spelling of the name to whom the certificate is addressed to, and other relevant details that need changes.

5. Print and Award

After editing, you can now print your personalized completion certificates. Print them and get ready for your big day! Congratulations!

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