As much as you want to use just any template to create a certificate, it is still best to use one that has been custom-fit to the purpose it will be used for. In this sense, using our Custom Certificate Templates in Illustrator will offer you appropriate designs, style, heading, content, and so much more. We made these templates to have an easy-to-edit feature to ensure you can easily add the texts and designs that you prefer. Aside from that, we made sure you can customize these templates to suit the size that you prefer, hence the flexible layout and format. Achieve high-quality certificates by downloading our printable Custom Certificate Templates in Adobe Illustrator now!

How To Create A Custom Certificate In Illustrator?

Being defined as a document that testifies a certain matter to be true, a certificate traditionally acknowledges someone's favorable or precious deeds such as excellence, participation, marriage, or completion of a certain activity. Therefore, it's important that a certificate should serve its purpose effectively. For you to create an effective custom certificate in Adobe Illustrator, here are a few tips for you to learn how.

1. Choose A Template You Want To Customize

The very first step in creating a custom certificate in Adobe Illustrator is to start with a template you want to customize. You can look for a custom certificate template in Adobe Illustrator by simply choosing the "file" tab and go to the templates section and choose a custom certificate template you wish to work with. By doing so, it buys you more time to finish one certificate and create another distinguished certificate without working from scratch.

2. Create A New Document

As soon as you pulled up Adobe Illustrator and chose an appropriately-designed template, you may already begin by creating a new document. You just have to simply choose the "file" menu and click on the "New" tab. You can either choose to start with rich visual designs or a preset that opens a preformatted document. Whichever you chose, just make sure to enter the appropriate design. If it's purpose is to serve as a testimony for birth, marriage, clearance, or testimony for any credentials especially for ownership and authenticity, make sure the design elements are appropriate.

3. Make It Your Own Design

After you've opened a template or a preset, you may already edit it the way you wish to. As soon as you already did, you may already customize the certificate template and feel free to browse on the ones with a different color palette and the ones that used fonts from Adobe Typekit. As soon as you've begun customizing your own certificate design, don't forget to enter the appropriate information. If it's used to acknowledge someone's achievement, then don't forget to use vectors like trophies or a simple engaging set of borders and don't forget to make it still look professional.

4. Don't Forget To Include The Authority

It doesn't matter if the employee does not have a direct or indirect — or close connection with the senior or the executive management team, receiving a certificate with the authority's signature is valuable. As mentioned, a certificate is also a document that is used to testify that a certain matter is true. Therefore, an author's signature will make it more credible in addition to being professionally designed.

5. Proofread, Save, And Print

Lastly, if you feel like you are done, don't forget to review your work. Communicate with the authorities or the ones who (directly or indirectly) facilitates the event or the activity where the certification is distributed and welcome any feedback so to improve the design and the content of the article. Once you feel like everything is already fully furnished, you may hit the "save" button, print, and give it to the respective recipient.

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