How To Create A Custom Certificate In Adobe InDesign?

A custom certificate is just like any other certificate that we're familiar with. The difference is that it's created using a blank certificate template from the internet or an online/offline editing software. A custom certificate can be personalized and modified freely into any form type of certificate. It could be a gift certificate, a marriage certificate, a completion certificate, an achievement certificate, and many more to mention.

If you're a staff member of an industrial company or any institution assigned to create various certificates for various needs, the following applicable tips we have gathered below might be of help to you.

1. Opt To Use Adobe InDesign

You have the freedom to choose any editing software to create your certificate. The only thing that matters is that you find it convenient to operate. However, you should consider using Adobe InDesign. Why should you? Adobe InDesign has great layout support that makes it easy for you to operate and navigate around it. Plus it has several tools and features that enable you to create any certificate, whether for formal occasions or professional purposes.

2. Choose A Fitting Title

Choosing a title for a certificate is an easy yet very important process. What you must keep in mind when choosing a title is that it must directly convey the purpose of the certificate. For instance, if your certificate is a school course complete certificate for a student's completion of a course, you can title it as "Certificate of Completion." Another instance, if your certificate is an employment appreciation or an excellence award for an employee's exemplary work performance, you can title it as "Certificate of Appreciation" or "Certificate of Excellence."

3. Emphasize The Name Of The Recipient

The recipient's name is the certificate's center of attraction since it's the entity being represented. Due to that fact, you must do whatever you can to emphasize it. The best that you can do is enlarge the font sizes and set artistic font styles to its texts. For ideas and reference on how a recipient's name should appear, you can check out our achievement certificates.

4. Improve The Certificate's Aesthetic Quality

Remember that a certificate, especially one that's given to a recipient to honor his/her exemplary feats, is a special document. With that in mind, it must have artistic attributes or at least slightly. For ideas on how you should design your certificate, you view several of our experience certificates with great border designs and background designs. However, it would be much better and easier if you use our editable custom certificate templates.

5. Encase The Certificate Inside An Envelope

After you've done everything that needs to be done with the certificate, it's the right time for you to print it using a quality photo paper. Once you've done that, it's best to encase it inside an envelope so that it'll be protected from external hazards that might damage or diminish its aesthetic quality. You can use any of our professionally-designed envelope templates for this process.

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