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How to Create a Custom Certificate in MS Publisher?

A custom certificate is a type of document that serves as proof or written testimony that an individual has achieved or gain something. Your custom certificate can have different variations of function — can be a present for an occasion such as a gift certificate or a declaration of a new member of an organization such as a membership certificate. As an event organizer or manager, you need to personalize your custom certificate. It is because certificates are an effective way to further the personal and professional development of an organization or company. You want to know how? Well, here are pertinent guidelines that will teach you all about the certificate creation process.

1. Utilize Microsoft Publisher

If you are interested in a customized certificate, you need a trusted certificate maker application. What more can you ask for an MS Publisher as your editing software program? It has a professional level of effects for texts, shapes, and high-resolution images and an efficiently utilized personalization tool. It also has a document-sharing feature that lets you share and print your certificate anytime and anywhere on any device. Make use of Microsoft Publisher and move to the next step.

2. Select an Appropriate Template

First, determine as to what type of custom certificate you needed. For instance, choose a certificate of achievement template with funky designs to have a good vibe in awarding the intended recipient. To help you easily select, offers a variety of templates. From a certificate of appreciation template to an award certificate template, they have a list of premium templates you can download and customize in any version of Microsoft Publisher.

3. Put a Brand in Your Certificate

There are templates that you can still customize to add more detail to it. To signify ownership to a certificate, you need to add a brand to it. Include the company or organization's logo, complete name, and contact details. Also, you can make use of corporate colors as it can be an addition to the quality of the appearance of your certificate.

4. Write the Correct Information

It would be meaningful for an employee or student to receive a certificate with their names on it. Make a checklist of the recipients and gather their correct and full information. Afterward, encode the recipient's information in each copy of your certificates. For instance, a certificate of achievement with their respective names would mean a lot to an employee as it would motivate them to strive more in the job. It can also be a clearance that they did outstanding work in the company or institution

5. Indicate the Proper Authorities

A valuable certificate must have the signature of the authorities behind the success of a program or training. At your custom certificate's footer, indicate a signature line with the proper name of the authorities and their corresponding position or job titles. It would be an indication that the authorities wanted to reach out to the recipients.

6. Print your Certificates

Once you're done, proofread your work, point out flaws or gaps, and edit it. Afterward, choose the appropriate paper stock for your certificates and print an adequate quantity of certificates for the number of recipients.

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