Starting from scratch offers you the freedom to use a layout and designs that you prefer. But sometimes it's too tedious to do, especially when you need to create quite a few certificates. Our Custom Certificate Templates can be easily edited in Microsoft Word. The templates offer the same creative freedom but with artworks, background designs, and texts that you can easily use. Made with 300 dpi resolution in CMYK color space, our templates guarantee that you can achieve a high-quality finish product in the most convenient way possible. So why pass up this chance? Download our Custom Certificate Templates in Microsoft Word now!

How to Create a Custom Certificate in Microsoft Word

Certificates vary in types according to their purpose. The name of the certificate depends on why they were made. Official offices like government agencies make some certificates. Certificates that were made by the government institutions are marriage, death, and birth certificates. Other certificates that were made by schools, events, or companies are given for achievement, recognition, graduation, completion, and appreciation. It sounds easy to make a certificate, but there are still many things you need to consider when you make one. You have come to the right site because we offer easily-editable custom certificate templates above and we prepared steps below that you can follow in the process of creating a certificate.

1. Download Templates

Everything will be convenient if you opt to download and use one of our custom certificates templates. You will not have a hard time designing the certificate because our templates have well-organized layers and layer groups. The only thing you need to do is to customize the certificate according to your preferences.

2. Choose Microsoft Word as Editing Software

Using Microsoft Word will complete the package since this software is accessible to any of your devices so you can edit the certificate anywhere and anytime. MS Word is also known for its feature that automatically detects any grammatical errors in your sentences. This means that you will not be having troubles in your grammar.

3. Insert Contents and Design

The certificate must have brief details on what the certificate was all about. The details that you need to include is the title of the certificate, a short message, details on when and where the certificate was handed. You can also add the name of your organization or institution. If there is still a lot of space left, add a letterhead about your company to make it more formal and valid. As for the design, it doesn't need to have significant designs since certificates are considered a legal document. You can add a few details of design on the certificate but keep it simple but still beautiful. Our templates already have designs that you can use or edit to a few details.

4. Write the Recipient's Name

Certificates are made for appreciation or acknowledgment of someone that has done something great. Of course, the name of that person should be the highlight of the certificate. Write the name of the recipient in a big and formal font to emphasize. No need to worry about the font style since our templates already have built-in font styles that are perfect for certificates.

5. Print then Hand-out

When you print, make sure that you know the exact number of people you are going to give a certificate. Double-check their names so that they will not feel offended when they receive it. Use parchment paper as a material of the certificate because this paper will maintain the quality of the graphics upon printing. To be formal and to flatter the recipient, encase the certificate in a frame or an envelope when you hand it to them.

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