Someone who has graduated from a course or program must be shown the proper gratitude and must be awarded for his/her efforts. With our beautifully designed diploma certificate templates, you should have an easy time making the certificate for the individual who has earned it. Know that each available template can be opened with all versions of Adobe Illustrator. You can also use other programs should you be more comfortable in using those. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading now or join any of our subscription plans for even more of our high-quality templates today!

What Is a Diploma Certificate?

A diploma certificate or degree is a document awarded to an individual who has completed a number of requirements for a particular course or program. It acts as physical proof that most employers often used to confirm the level of education that an individual has managed to attain. So if one wishes to prove that he has met the educational requirements to acquire the position of a computer engineer, then he/she can simply show the graduation certificate that proves it.

How to Make a Diploma Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

1. Come Up with the Design and Know the Layout

Before you come up with the design for your certificate, it is important that you understand what its layout should be. How are you going to organize all of the information? What kind of font and font size are you going to use? Once you've figured out the layout, you may then start focusing on the design. The majority of graduation certificates have designs that are simple and have color schemes similar to that of the educational institution that's responsible for creating them. Know that you can always download and make use of free certificate templates that already have premade designs you might like.

2. Provide Information on the Educational Institution

Start by pointing out the name of the educational institution that's responsible for providing the certificate. Then you may proceed with putting in its main address along with its contact details. Make sure to only include updated phone numbers and/or email addresses when writing down the contact details. Lastly, include the institution's logo. Make sure that this is above all of the information and that it's of high image quality.

3. Point Out Who the Certificate Is for and Include Additional Details

Make sure that it specifically states that it's a diploma of graduation by writing it down in the center of the certificate. Also, include the complete name of the person that it's being awarded to. Make sure that both pieces of information have a slightly larger font size as they need to be emphasized. You may then provide additional details such as the year in which the individual graduated, and the start and end date of his/her course or program.

4. Make Sure the Right Names and Signatures Are Written Down

A diploma certificate must always contain the signatures of those that are required to authorize it. This is very important as it can be used to prove if the document is fake. So what you'll need to do is provide the complete names and job position titles of the individuals that are required to sign the certificate.

5. Utilize Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is perfect the perfect program for making graduation certificates as it's known for creating vector graphics. What that means is that no matter how you scale a particular image, it will never lose its quality. You can also use it to make appreciation certificates, gift certificates, or even training certificates should you feel that you ever need them. If you want to learn how to use the software effectively, then you simply need to search for the right tutorial videos or hire someone to teach you the skills and knowledge needed to do so.

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