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How To Create An Editable Certificate In MS Word

Professional certificates are formal documents that serve as proof of an individual's competency, experience, and credentials in a certain field or skill. It manifests the person's level of skill or knowledge needed to perform and complete a particular job type. When making a certificate for your company, organization, or institution, here are five easy steps to follow:

1. Go For A Reliable Word Processor

As we all know, MS Word is the most popular, if not the most influential, among other word processing programs available in the market today. Because of its many features and user-friendly attributes, it is being widely used by schools and companies to create documents such as project reports, appreciation letters, training itineraries, employment resumes, worksheets, certificates of recognition, and more. With just a few tweaks, a bit of formatting, and organizing, you will be able to create a decent document such as a certificate.

2. Learn What Is Required

Before searching for a modern certificate design, you need to determine what type of certificate you will be making and the design theme and format that you should follow. Try looking at our certificate templates and download one for ease of making a certificate, with its ready-made features with suggestive content. Just follow your company or organization's specifications and make adjustments and modifications as needed.

3. Use An Appealing Typography

In order to give emphasis to the certificate's recipient and the name of the attesters, use stylish, yet elegant typography in writing their names. You can also apply this to the certificate title and the name of the award-giving body or organization. The classic jet black fonts are one of the most commonly-used font colors especially if you are making a formal certificate for work like a certificate of appreciation for employees, or a certificate of completion for a university.

4. Enhance Your Preferred Template

Now here is where the fun begins. On your chosen template, apply the necessary changes to the format and enhance the visuals and graphics according to your preference. Let's say you are making a gift certificate to help promote your business and round up your target market. Incorporating your business's color scheme to your document will give it a distinct and personal feel that will remain in your customer's minds.

5. Choose the Right Materials

The final step includes saving and printing the final certificate draft. If you are making a formal document like a certificate of completion, using high-quality parchment paper will be the best option to provide a creative presentation with its mottled appearance. Our certificates come in 8.5" x 11" letter size, which is the standard certificate size, perfect for the type of certificate you are making.

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