How to Create a Modern Certificate in Pages

A modern certificate is a document that serves as proof or testimony of one's status, skills, privileges, etc. It is an authentic document designed in a minimalist, geometric, and modern style. There are a lot of modern certificates used for different purposes. There are modern designed certificates like award certificates, experience certificates, appreciation certificates, experience certificates, and many more you can find at Hence, we will teach you how to use them and the certificate creation process with the following steps:

1. Get A Template

The easiest and fastest way of making the perfect certificate is to download modern certificate templates. No need to surf the internet for the certificate you need. Here, at, we have all the certificate templates you need. Choose from a wide variety of modern certificates available. To name some available certificates, we have a certificate of appreciation, certificate of participation, and gift certificates. You don't need to worry though since our templates have ready-made content that is fully customizable. Choose the best modern certificate template that will suit your purpose.

2. Use Apple Pages

Are you a Mac user with no available editing design software for your certificate? Set your worries aside since you have Apple Pages. Most of you might think that it is just some word processing application. It is a built-in application on your computer that you can use as an alternative design application. It combines both wordprocessing documents and page layout. It has available graphic tools that even a beginner can manipulate easily.

3. Edit To Suit Your Needs

The certificate template is simply a sample certificate or a basis for your modern certificate. Our templates are typically fully customizable. Get creative but minimize the design feature since you are creating a modern style certificate. You can change the color schemes and add borderlines and geometric shapes to give it a contemporary or minimalist look.

4. Write The Details

Once your done designing your certificate template, write all the necessary details. Such details are the logo or seal, the names, the addresses, the name of the event, the date and time. These are the typical details needed in certificates; however, the details are not limited to these. If you are making a more formal or legal certificate, like medical certificates, you will need more information and are usually in paragraph form. Also, do not forget to leave a space for the signatures since it will give authenticity to the certificate.

5. Proofread And Mass Produce

Never forget to proofread your modern certificate. It will be embarrassing on your part to misspell any word, especially the name of the recipient. Once you're done proofreading, it is time to test print the certificate. This is to ensure that the final product is in good quality before mass printing. Mass printing does not apply to every certificate, such as baptism certificates and birth certificates, but you will still need to undergo test printing.

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