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How to Create a Participation Certificate in InDesign

In a sports event, workshop, or even in a conference, it would be necessary if you recognize someone's participation in such activities. Many employees or participants will be delighted if they receive a participation certificate as it would indicate that they are appreciated. Now, if you are an event organizer who wants to save time, money, and cost, Adobe InDesign is the perfect certificate maker that you can turn to. You do not need to spend a dime to pay for a graphic designer because it is user-friendly. If you want to know about creating a participation certificate, here are useful tips you can use.

1. Prepare the Data

Before designing the layout, prepare the necessary data needed in your participation certificate. Include the recipient's name, congratulatory message, name of the vent, place of the event, event organizer, etc. If there would be an extra space in your certificate, fill it out with other data.

2. Choose a Template

Look for a template that is suitable for the certificate you need to make. For your participation certificate, choose a template that would reflect as to what event you are organizing, whether it will be for a basketball event, a pageant for profit, or a conference. 

3. Indicate the Proper Pieces of Pieces of Information

The content is one of the most critical steps that you need to perfect in making your participation certificate. After downloading the right template for your simple certificate, customize its content. Brand your participation certificate. Add the color theme of the event and the logo of the organizer as it gives your participation certificate an identity. Customize your template with text boxes and input the pieces of required information such as recipient's name, event name, event organizer, congratulatory message, and more. 

4. Improve the Appearance

An eyecatching participation certificate can add to the ecstatic feeling of the recipient. Freely modify the templates you downloaded. Plan as to what section of your certificate you would put the pieces of information. You can also add borders to it if you want. For instance, if you will hold a sports event, indicate sporty designs. For a training seminar, you can be minimalistic to establish professionalism. How to make these things possible? With the use of your Adobe InDesign application, you can now supply it all. 

4. Authenticate the Certificate

The recognition itself gives them a rewarding feeling. It would be an excellent experience for an employee or participant to be appreciated by the head of the company, event, or conference. Indicate a space for the authorities' complete name, position, and a signature line for signing purposes.

5. Review, Edit, and Print

After everything you went through, this is the final step you need to do. Review everything about your certificate. Make sure that there are no typographic errors and misspelled names or words. Also, you can let someone review your work and ask for unbias suggestions. Edit everything base on the observation. Afterward, print it and make sufficient copies for the total participants.