Certificates are used by various corporate entities and organizations when certifying the degree of a member or employee, acknowledging an exemplary performance, or for proof of authenticity. If you are planning to create one, check out our high-quality Printable Certificate Templates in Adobe Illustrator that are easily-editable and 100% customizable. These templates help you skip the hassle of starting from scratch, whether you want to make an ordinary certificate or an award certificate. There's also no need to rack your brain trying to create the layout as our templates are already preformatted. Elegant designs and original artworks are also guaranteed when using our templates. So don't waste another second of your time and download our Printable Certificate Templates in Adobe Illustrator today!

How To Create A Printable Certificate In Adobe Illustrator?

A printable certificate is just like any other certificate that we know. The only difference is that a printable certificate is created digitally using a computer system or device, and printed into a physical copy. Generally, a certificate is awarded or given by an institution or company to certify that an individual has completed a required training and eligible for a higher position. Being certified is important as it officially recognizes one's accomplishments. Printable certificates can come in many different types such as Appreciation Certificates, Achievement Certificates, Participation Certificates, and Recognition Certificates. There are even those that certify that eligibility such as Training Certificates, Medical Certificates, and Birth Certificates. If you're a company manager, a school faculty member, or a staff member tasked to create a certificate, here are helpful tips to create one regardless of what type of certificate you'll be creating.

1. Utilize Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the editing software that you should consider using for making your certificate. Why should you use it? First of all, Adobe Illustrator is capable of scaling any imagery down to the tiniest pixel. Therefore, you can enhance every aspect of your certificate with keen attention to detail. Second, it is capable of formulating high-quality finished files in minimal sizes, thus saving storage space on your computer. And lastly, whatever computer system you have, it's highly likely that Adobe Illustrator functions efficiently on it.

2. Choose An Appropriate Title

When creating whatever type of certificate, choosing an appropriate title is an essential step, especially for Completion Certificates. The purpose of a title is that it gives the certificate a proper introduction to anyone who views it. Make sure to choose a title that corresponds to the kind of certificate being awarded. For instance, if your certificate is an award certificate for a student's excellent academic performance, you can title it as "Certificate of Academic Excellence", or if it's for an individual's participation in a seminar, you can title it as "Certificate of Participation."

3. Include A Proper Design

The design of your certificate must represent well on what and who it's representing. If you're creating an Attendance Certificate for a kindergarten student's participation in a story reading session, the design you must embed on it must be attractive and appealing to a child. You can attach clip arts of books, animals, letters, and other quirky images. However, if you're making a certificate that will be awarded to an employee of your company, it's best to embed a modern and professional-looking design to it.

4. Enhance All Texts

Be they gift certificates, birth certificates, or award certificates, the text they include must be pleasing to the eyes when read. Remember that certificates aren't ordinary documents, they're special documents that represent something special. Hence, you must do the same with the texts of your certificate. The best that you can do is make adjustments to their font sizes and set artistic font styles. Texts that must have artistic fonts styles are the title, recipient's name, and words of compliment such as "congratulations."

5. Use Printable Certificate Templates

Creating a certificate out of nothing but with the help of an editing software can be quite challenging, especially if you're not an adept designer. However, there's no need for you to worry about it. We have editable and printable certificate templates that are immediately available for download and require minimal customization. You can choose from our wide array of certificate templates such as Appreciation Certificates, Achievement Certificates, and more. Each template already has an elegant layout design and all you need to do is inject your specifications and print afterward in either office or commercial printers.

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