How To Create A Printable Certificate In Indesign?

A printable certificate is a graphic design of a certificate that is offered as a digital download. In that sense, it has to be visually appealing while professionally-designed so as to ensure that the recipient feels completely acknowledged. For you to create a well-designed printable certificate in Adobe InDesign, here are a few tips to help you learn how.

1. Design With Purpose

The importance of being certified has to be properly emphasized, meaning that you should know how to go about in creating your cerrtificate's purpose. Whatever visual elements or design elements you use in creating your printable certificate in Adobe Indesign, you must know why you're even presenting the document in the first place. Your printable certificate may be used as a form of recognition to your recipient's achievement. With that said, make sure that the certificate boosts the morale of the recipient. If you know the specific purpose of the certificate, then you can also determine what appropriate words to include in the message.

2. Determine Who Your Recipients Are

It is commonly known that a certificate aims to merit an employee or a student for a job well done upon graduation. Certificates are also a concrete form of saying "congratulations" to someone's excellence. With that said, you will need to determine who is this supposed to be addressed to. When you specifically know who your recipient is, then you can formulate a distinguished design of your certificates; rather than making it look generic.

3. Use Congratulatory Words

Since certificates are used as an award or a gift to someone's excellence, completion of a training program, you should always use congratulatory words in order to make the recipient feel more acknowledged. Therefore, you should give it a lively and friendly tone. You should never forget to use such words and tone because you don't know, that person might not have that feeling from his/her family. So at least, make an effort to make him the most special person if he doesn't feel that way when he comes home.

4. Make A Modern And Professional Design

Since this is a new era, your printable certificate should also look modern but with a good touch of professionalism. Using two or three colors with minimalist design elements (borders, texts, lines, etc.), you can ensure that your printable certificate looks modern and professional. If possible, use black, white, or any neutral or monochrome in creating your printable certificate in Adobe InDesign. Then, don't forget to use branding vectors and colors. If your company is an educational institution, then you should include the logo of the specific national sector of the government that (directly or indirectly) supervises. For another instance, the printable certificate may be given to commend a military student who finished his military training, then feel free to camouflage as a border in your liking.

5. Layout In Adobe Indesign

Use your Adobe Indesign software to create your printable certificate. Similar to any other file format, Adobe Indesign lets you design a good layout for your printable certificate using its complete set of editing tools. More importantly, you can adjust the pixel which is appropriate to the size of your certificate. Once you're done, save your document and you may also save it as a template for more convenience.

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